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VC deals plummet in Q1
Mass High Tech - Boston,MA,USA
A123’s $69 million funding from GE Capital, GE Energy Financial Services and ... Open Range Communications of Colorado from investor One Equity Partners. ...

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Study Proves Viability of Ultra Green Buildings That Eliminate ...
By Tracey de Morsella
Living Buildings, as defined by the Cascadia Region Green Building Council, are the smartest financial option in today’s economy, given the rising cost of energy and water. ... Incentives and rebates matter: When communities offer incentives and rebates for saving energy and using renewable energy, it reduces the cost premium significantly. * Cost of resources matter: The higher the cost of energy and water, the shorter the payback period, making a Living Building more ...
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Green Jobs, Cleantech Jobs, Sustainable Business Job Service
Job listings with green, sustainable businesses - green building, renewable energy, organic, social investing and all other green businesses. ... When you apply for this position, please say you saw this job on Green Dream Jobs! ... Advanced knowledge of federal procurement policies and procedures for energy and related services. Strong quantitative skills to conduct financial and engineering analysis of renewable energy, distributed energy resource, and energy efficiency ...
SustainableBusiness.com Green Dream Jobs - http://www.sustainablebusiness.com/index.cfm/go/greendreamjobs.main

Green Jobs for Planned State of the Art Power Plant in California ...
By admin
This does not include the permanent high paying green jobs that will be created in operations, management, engineering, maintenance and indirect services for the Energy center. According to Calpine Corporation ... This is equivalent to almost 10 percent of peak California power demand and is enough electricity to power more than 5 million Californian households. Calpine also is the state’s largest renewable energy provider. Calpine About / Careers · Share/Save/Bookmark ...
MyGreen Education and Career - http://www.mygreeneducation.com/
Adapting Skills For The Green Tech Revolution · Environmental ...
By Environmental Leader

by Daniel Wengrovitz and Preeta Banerjee using Thomson Financial’s VentureXpert database). Recruiters’ efforts are increasing as new jobs emerge, as evidenced at the recent Green Careers Forum held at Brandeis University where organizations such as the EPA, Booz Allen Hamilton’s Energy Practice, Boston Green Tourism, and Earthwatch all participated. Green career opportunities span across the .... Bank of New York Mellon Adds Renewable Energy Sources, Boosts Recycling ...
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Press Releases - Directions Magazine
“This initiative will contribute to the Obama administration’s goals of investing in alternative and renewable energy, ending our addiction to foreign oil, addressing the global climate crisis and creating millions of new green jobs. ...
Directions Magazine - Press Releases - http://www.directionsmag.com/

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SEMI India bets big on solar power
Eetasia.com (subscription) - USA

A robust solar PV industry in India would create up to 100000 new jobs in 10 years ... Promoting solar power will do for India's energy sector what wireless ...

Google Blogs Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic

Vatican to build Europe's biggest solar plant - CathNews
vatican solar plant. ... "One should take advantage of the crisis to try and develop these renewable energy sources to the maximum, which in the long run will reap incomparable rewards." i. The Vatican hasn't decided how much to rely on photovoltaic panels, which turn sunlight directly into electricity, and on thermal devices that heat water for generators, Solarworld Chief Executive Officer Frank Asbeck said. Solarworld executives in November said it was time to think ...
CathNews - http://www.cathnews.com/

National Science Foundation Sustainable Energy Grant | Green ...
By admin
Photovoltaic devices have the potential to supply a significant fraction of electrical energy to the power grid. Although silicon-based materials have been most widely used, other semiconducting materials and titanium dioxide also have ... New materials and novel fabrication techniques for solar energy conversion are supported by the program. The duration of unsolicited awards is generally one to three years. The average annual award size for the program is $100000. ...
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BigIdeasforObama] Ausra's New Thermal Solar Electric Power Plant In Production in California

Monday, April 20, 2009 11:06 PM
"J R Chamberlain \(Yahoo\)"
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"Big Ideas for Obama"


Ausra is showing us the way forward with their new Kimberlina power Thermal Solar electric power plant in California . This will use the power from the sun to generate electricity into the future, just using mirrors, lenses, pipes, steam, turbines, generators and some control systems. No expensive solar PV panels with a limited lifespan and their unresolved recycling (or “pollution”) issues, no wind turbine blades to hoist, just simple production of steam using the concentrated power of the sun.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see this technology as a major part of America ’s way forward to produce 100% renewable electricity indefinitely. Not good news for coal companies, but great news for the planet. Using just 10% of the Federal Land area in Nevada , albeit spread out across the South West, such an area of Thermal Solar power plants would produce ALL America ’s current day electricity needs. Yes ALL, that’s 100%. That’s correct. No need for ANY nuclear, no need for ANY coal, no need for ANY oil or even any hydroelectric power. We could even open up our beautiful West Coast rivers to the Pacific Salmon once again and see their populations run the river’s length as they used to long ago. This Thermal Solar technology is available today and is 100% clean. We don’t need “technologies of the future” which may not even yet exist to solve our energy and greenhouse gas problems of today. We have the solution right here and right now, it’s called Thermal Solar power and it’s ready to be replicated 100, 100 times or 10,000 times to power the whole world.

90% of the world’s population lives within 2,700 km of desert regions, and these regions could produce all their power needs cleanly like this too, using Thermal Solar Power, delivering it to those populations with less than 10% losses over that distance, all using simple nuts-and-blots Thermal Solar power technology, understandable to most people who can service a bicycle or a refrigerator. Think about it: no need for coal-fired power plants in China , no coal-fired power plants in India , in Australia , and so on. Do you hear a theme? Wonder why you’ve never heard about this technology much? You got it. There’s too much money for the COAL industry to lose if this technology was rolled out in America . It could be rolled out to power 100% of America within 5-10 years max. USA Greenhouse emissions would down 60-70% in 10 years, not in 50 years. Never thought you’d hear this was possible? It’s the same for most people. Again we wonder why C O A L L O B B Y spells N O to a clean technology like Thermal Solar Power which will put them out of business.

Please promote this Thermal Solar technology to the Obama Administration, to your Representatives, Senators, your friends, family and all your media outlets. We cannot wait for yet another “high-technology” solution requiring exotic materials, potential pollution problems from production, with huge potential profits for the few when we have Thermal Solar technology available today to power us all. This technology has been around since 1917. Isn’t it time you had your energy produced 100% renewably by Thermal Solar power today, and not have to wait another 10 or 20 years for highly exotic patented technologies to grace you with their presence? Let them come along in their own time. We all need CleanTech 100% Renewable Electricity Technology today to power all our homes and save our planet. Thermal Solar power gives you every bit of that.

All we have to do is install it in America .

If you’d to join our Desertec-USA group, please go to www.desertec-usa.org. The Google group sign up is at: http://groups.google.com/group/desertec-usa?hl=en

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