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Open Letter To The Following Solar PV Panel Manufactures Sent by email to Solar Feeds, Click on Title Above for link to article on job cuts....AND OTHERS

The question is asked in another article...'WHEN WILL OBAMA STEP UP FOR SOLAR'

My question is...When will these jerks do it???

Sun Edison, Isn't that one owned by a utility company?
Sun Tech
Day 4 Energy, Cute
GT Solar
Advanced Energy
GE and

Great, I see I have one very good and important friend. Regarding the article on Solar Layoffs...

These guys deserve to go out of business. They suck, bad.

The only California companies having any success on the retail front, are the couple or three that have devised their own financing programs (**** leases) I call them. But, hey, at least they move product for the manufacture, Solar one, right? any of these retail operations give a good GD about the customer, really care? How can you tell? Instead of blowing and going PV, are they talking and offering conservation measures first? a Cohesive Energy Audit? Hell no...

They are blowing and going...

Too damned greedy to do that. How about domestic
hot water? Three times the energy for the same collector area.

Instead they are slamming in residential PV solar systems, oversized say 6 kw where only 3.5-4 are really needed. They are taking these 20 year leases for themselves and their investors..perverting the rebate and energy credits intended for the customer. At least they found a few, and keeping the rebates and credits for themselves. Nothing but a bunch of greedy little, inexperienced kids. One has to wonder what the market price of those systems will be twenty years for now. The buy
out prices to the customers.

The result..a interbred industry and a preverted one, at best.

So instead of putting their money in experienced, in trained industry professionals, hell bent on providing a real cohesive service to the customer, they choose instead, highly educated boys, to do a man's job. Give me, give me....give me..take take take, mentality and they get what they fricken deserve.


But that model, I'm thinking won't work as well when it
is used, say in commerical, MDU, multi-dwelling units, where they (I could and most of my old competitors could) really start moving the volumes of product that needs to be moved if any of these loser manufacturers would step up to the plate and take responsibility for the movement of their own product and the protection of their own
people and territories, they all want to play but they don't want to pay...even to prime the solar sales pumps. Again...too little...too late.

See ya solar manufacturers, wouldn't want to be ya.

Green Earl

Side Note: Between say 1980 and 1985 200,000 to maybe 300,000 solar domestic solar hot water heaters were manufactured, marketed, sold and installed and 4 or 5 sunbelt states. Imagine...these systems ran $3,900. what if one of YOU got real and moved 80,000 units, like ServaMatic, in the 80's. (but at you $39,000 price instead of their $3,900.) Figure it out..your the pros right? By the way, a fifty gallon drum painted black would do as good as a two panel Servamatic at $5,500-$6,500 does over night on a roof. Still you have to give credit where credit is due..they where not laying off anyone.

These marketers where some of the best the world has ever seen. Some of these spoiled, overpaid, if they clear $2K a month, kids need to go back and review, how and where these numbers where generated.

By the way, Solar City did not pioneer the solar lease. I was writing solar (10 year) leases in the Antelope Valley of LA county in 1984.

20 Apr 2009, 10:55 PM energyactivist AKA (Here) _Green Earl

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American Energy Conservation Group said...

I should add...a solar lease can be a good thing..If the customer is allowed to keep the rebates and the tax credits and at the end of the lease there is a set buy out..say 10% or even $1 dollar, like the leasing we are doing Lease One._Green Earl

American Energy Conservation Group said...

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