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Green Careers_By Global Green Earl

July 1, 2009 6:12 PM PDT

Zer01 Mobile looks for Resellers

by Kent German

Three months ago at CTIA in Las Vegas, I visited with Zer01 Mobile, a new VoIP carrier that's promising unlimited voice, messaging, and data for $70 per month. At the time, Zer01 promised a July 1 launch date, and true to its word the carrier made a formal announcement Wednesday.

Yet, there is a catch for now. Also, "launch" may be too strong a word. You can't purchase service or phones on the Zer01 Web site. Instead, you'll have to wait for a distributor to deliver them to you. Zer01 is still gathering distributors, but it has secured Buzzirk Mobile. According to Zero1 spokesperson Ron Dresner, the carrier will be making additional distributor announcements in the coming weeks.

Kent German is a senior editor for cell phone reviews at CNET. When he's not testing the newest handsets on the market, he's blogging about cell phone news for Crave. In his On Call column, he answers reader questions and gives his take on the rapidly changing mobile industry. E-mail Kent.

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