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Energy Conservation Auditors Needed In California, Link To Training Here, Latest Google News On The Industry

Energy Auditors Needed In California....Please review
online training program at the following(CLICK ABOVE)
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WIVB NYS to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
WIVB - Buffalo,NY,USA

We encourage these municipalities to take full advantage of the financial incentives offered by NYSERDA for energy efficiency and renewable energy ...

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Public sector, market boost value of green investments
Finance and Commerce - Minneapolis,MN,USA
Those take scores of approaches – from property-tax exemptions or income-tax credits for renewable-energy investments, to easier approval processes for ...

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Obama's First 100 Days Spurs Solar Partnerships in AZ and CA
Gerson Lehrman Group - New York,USA
We will have to see if the next 100 days of President Obama will lead to even greater Green job and renewable energy initiatives.

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The Gas Company to Award Metropolitan Transportation Authority ...
SYS-CON Media (press release) - Montvale,NJ,USA

"Today's unveiling of the city's largest solar-powered facility will not only generate clean, renewable energy, but will provide the kinds of green jobs ...

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‘Green jobs' lose their luster in Lexington
Richmond County Daily Journal - Rockingham,NC,USA
According to Sutton, Progress expects to purchase up to one million megawatt hours of renewable energy in the Carolinas by the year 2012. ...

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DOE/DOI/USDA/FERC-Transmission Grid Expansion, Renewable Energy (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
USDA anticipates creating 25000 new jobs over the next two years on projects relating to land stewardship and watershed restoration, green infrastructure ...

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Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Renewable Energy Jobs delivers up to the minute news, reviews, guides and information on green jobs, green collar careers and employment with the renewable energy industry from around the world; as well as topic news on cleantech, . .... Earl Allen Boek: Redding, CA/ National, United States: Al Boek is a 30 year pioneer in conservation,weatherization and solar renewable energy. Now providing financial solutions for the green industry commercial and industrial energy ...
Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green... -

Retraining for a Green Career in Renewable Energy | MyGreen ...
By admin

Retraining for a Green Career in Renewable Energy. April 30, 2009. Our readers are often inquiring about courses and schools that are available in wind and solar energy, conservation, sustainable living and renewable energy in general. ... The course covers the same design & estimation topics from our Solar PV Boot Camp, with additional content on customer relationship management, lead generation and closing, financial analysis of customer ROI, and the consultative sales ...
MyGreen Education and Career - » Blog Archive » 21st Century Socialism ...
By Editors

The means of production, for the most part, are fully developed and in fact are stagnating under the political domination of finance capital. The US labor force, again for the most part, is highly skilled at all levels of production, ... especially be required to face the challenges of uneven development and harsh inequalities on a global scale, as well as the challenge of moving from a carbon and uranium based energy system to one based on renewable green energy sources. ... -

Northville Community Briefs | | the Observer ...

“I encourage everyone to get out next weekend and enjoy the green festivities and learn what Michigan is doing to take advantage of renewable energy to save consumers money and create jobs. .... Phishing is a unique form of identity theft where criminals steal consumers' personal identity data and financial account credentials. The schemes use e-mails or pop-up ads to lead consumers to counterfeit websites designed to trick recipients into divulging financial data such as ... - News-Southfield -

How to go from shovel ready to people ready in a green job market ...
But, behind the scenes, business and government leaders are grappling with the problems of being “people ready” for the millions of green jobs that will be created through the investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency. ... that momentum for green energy has been building for several years. After almost thirty years of debating the issues, government, business, financial and environmental experts agree that the conversion to sustainable energy is a necessity. ...
CarbonFeet -

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Dow Jones Financial Information Services
By Clean Technology Insight

Private Equity ... The Daily Start-Up: An Unsolved Venture Capital Mystery Fred Wilson attempts to solve a big mystery in venture capital: the amount of money that needs to be generated every year from exits to make limited partners happy. ... The U.S. Department of Energy has allocated $93 million for wind energy research and $100 million to help the National Renewable Energy Laboratory create a green building, buy renewable power and research cellulosic ethanol ...
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Green Jobs, Cleantech Jobs, Sustainable Business Job Service
Of equal importance, as an emerging firm, our Senior Energy Auditor will inherently also be a senior executive. We will look to this person for opinions on business strategy, business development, and most of all clear management and ... Green Dream Jobs -

Harb-Blog: I've been slacking on entries
By harbtravels

Also, I will be doing some work as an energy auditor, going to California for a week, taking the LEED AP exam, and taking a 3 week course on Permaculture / Edible Forest Gardening. I went hiking with former roommate Brian Schmitt ...
Harb-Blog -

New Vision Online : Government wants to cut electricity charges

“We are re-examining the current electricity tariffs and my target is to reduce the prices by half,” energy minister Hillary Onek said while commissioning the sh13b power line in Kibaale district last weekend. “As Government, we want to reduce the cost of power ... In a separate interview, the minister said the Government is planning to audit power firms to establish the true cost of their investments, which he said had been the source of skyrocketing electricity prices. ...
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Can the Bay Area become a Carbon Valley? - Carbon Offsets Daily
By Krithi

Among those in attendance: global carbon credit auditor DNV; global carbon brokers CantorCO2e and Evolution Markets; global carbon project developers EcoSecurities and First Climate; California green building companies; attorneys; U.S and California ... including a diverse range of companies prospering in a Carbon Valley hub of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers—including Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy, Linda Adams, Secretary of Environmental Protection, Gov. ...
Carbon Offsets Daily -

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NaiKun Wind Issues Project Update
Market Wire (press release) - USA
NaiKun Wind senior personnel will be meeting over the next two months with potential partners and also holding early discussions on project financing. ...

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E.ON quits wave farm project
The Cornishman - Truro,England,UK
Doubts also surround the London Array in the Thames Estuary, potentially the world's largest offshore wind farm, as it has struggled to secure finance. ...

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Annapolis plots clean energy park
Baltimore Business Journal - Baltimore,MD,USA
The success of Annapolis' project could depend on what mix of renewable energy generation methods will be used, Porter said. Wind and solar, for example, ...

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Senate Bill Would Boost Ocean Energy Research

“This bill, if approved, will bring us closer to a level playing field so that ocean energy can compete with wind, solar, geothermal and biomass technologies to generate clean energy,” Murkowski said. Murkowski is one of eight senators ... General News -

Jon Soltz: Why Vets Are Backing Clean Energy
By Jon Soltz

So, besides creating jobs and curbing Global Climate Change, the American Clean Energy and Security Act will put policies in motion that will move us off of foreign oil, delivering a severe blow to terrorist funding. ..... I don't know why so many people seem to so bitterly oppose the concept - is there something about the possibility of solar, wind, geothermal or other sorts of clean power being developed to become more effective that is somehow un-American? ...
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Building a Greener Economy | America's Green Pages
By admin

Commercial projects that have been stalled due to a lack of financing, he believes, could be in a good position to take advantage of this funding. “Some of the state and municipal programs already are doing a good job. They've looked at their database of ... CPS, which generates energy through nuclear, coal, natural gas and renewable sources, has a growing wind-energy program that enables businesses and residents to purchase power created at wind farms in West Texas. ...
America's Green Pages -

Climate Progress » Blog Archive » Energy and Global Warming News ...
By Max and Carlin

[The government] has set a target of having a 90-per-cent emission-free electricity sector by 2025, a goal that will require increased use of nuclear, wind power, hydro and other renewables. ... Also on tap next week: a markup of a bipartisan proposal to create an independent “clean energy deployment administration” within the Energy Department to handle loan guarantees and other financing of alternative energy projects, as well as nuclear energy provisions. ...
Climate Progress -

GreenMomentum - REEM09: The need for foreign direct investment

The goal of the conference was to promote the implementation of renewable energy in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean by creating a forum in which entrepreneurs, policy makers, financing experts and government could meet and .... The President signed the stimulus bill into law this Tuesday at the Denver Museum of Nature and Scie... Galapagos-bartolome-island.jpg · Wind energy for the Galapagos. 13/2/2009. The Ecuadorian government is proposing two new wind farms. ...
GreenMomentum -

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North American Windpower: Content / Projects & Contracts / First ...
based First Wind has obtained a $376 million financing for the first phase of its 203.5 MW Milford Wind Corridor project in Milford, Utah. ...

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