Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama's Energy Plan, Renewable, Solar, Wind, Green Careers, Green Jobs, Renewable Financing and Leasing

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An answer back to an earlier complaint...posted online in Obama Groups

From: "Hank at IEU Development Corp"
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To:"Renewable Energy Advocates for Obama"

Patriot J;
Actually you are incorrect on that one. If you watch the committee postings on sites like politico you will be able to see the bills as they develop and actually can see what each individual contributes at the committee level. You also can see the infighting between various special interest lobbyists which want us to believe they are political office holders not beholding to special interests. You get to see the liars in both parties.

Patriot J wrote:
> Well, isn't nearly 10 percent pretty good for a politician?
> When campaigning, Obama said he'd not rush to sign any bills. He'd put them online for five days, review, and make them open to the public. So far, he's 1 for 11 on that promise.
> Patriot J
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