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Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, Economic Stimulus Package, Projects, Financing

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Wind Energy: Mainstream Renewable Power - United Kingdom
However, Mr O'Connor says Mainstream has been able to find financing for its projects, despite the credit crunch. “Offshore wind is demonstrably more risky ...
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Vestas Wind Surprises With Strong Q1 Results

Forbes - NY,USA
Financing for new wind projects began to dry up last year when investment bank Lehman Bros. went bankrupt. Lehman had been a major funder to ...
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Scientific American
Beyond Fossil Fuels: Bob Gates on Wind Power
Scientific American - USA
In practice, permitting large-scale wind energy projects and the associated transmission facilities through numerous differing local agencies is not ...
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Course on wind energy offered

Tasley Eastern Shore News - Tasley,VA,USA
Definitions of terms, opportunities for jobs in the wind industry and the economic impacts of windfarms on local communities will also be discussed. ...
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Business Facilities

Governor's Report: Michigan is Still in Motion
Business Facilities - USA
The company expects to produce more than 500 wind towers annually at the site, creating about 290 new jobs. The Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) ...
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FPL: Lovin' the Clean Power Funds From the Stimulus Package
Earth2Tech - San Francisco,CA,USA
By extending a wind production tax credit for three years, the package has already encouraged FPL to add more than a gigawatt of new wind capacity this year ...
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EDITORIAL: Sauk to Help Students Reach Lofty Heights (press release) - Salem,OR,USA

If you don't mind making 20-story ascents inside confined spaces, this could be the career for you. The college has scheduled a wind energy open house from ...
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Event builds interest in construction trades
Asbury Park Press - Asbury Park,NJ,USA

Think of the work it takes to put up a wind turbine. Wade ticked off a list of needed jobs: laborer, mason, iron worker, operating engineer, ...
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Business Facilities
Building a Greener Economy
Business Facilities - USA
CPS, which generates energy through nuclear, coal, natural gas and renewable sources, has a growing wind-energy program that enables businesses and ...

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C-Questor Carbon Markets and Climate Change News Letter: Wind ...
By Graham Crawford

Mike O'Brien, minister at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, sought to play down the significance of the job cuts. He said: “It's clear that Vestas recognises the potential of the UK wind market. Measures set out in the Budget will offer renewed support to the wind industry and help move potential projects towards construction, which could mean more business for Vestas.” ..... Carbon Finance Sector. Carbon Finance Sector · Powered By Blogger.
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Scoop: Wgtn Wind Farm Great News for Region and Country
The Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the official powering-on of Meridian Energy's new wind farm at Makara in Wellington.
“Project West Wind will enhance security of supply to the North Island and increase the supply ...
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Interview with Nobel Prize Winner Woodrow Clark |
By Leslie Berliant

A: I'm in a job as a consultant. What I do is work with communities like colleges, film studios and private companies on how to make them green. My favorite part of that is being able to talk about it in a context that this is ... The U.S. added more than 2800MW of new wind generating capacity in the first quarter of 2009, with new projects completed in 15 states, the AWEA reports. The total U.S. wind generating capacity is now enough to serve over 8 million homes. ...
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Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Most of the cost of a wind farm is in up front capital costs and in financing ... Update me about green jobs and careers when site is updated. Popular; Topics; Comments. Debunking The Spanish Study on The Dire Result of Green Jobs ... production, energy/green and other types of jobs, Byer said the center tries to match workers to jobs created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, an economic stimulus package signed into ... all of the wind projects so far have ...
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Why Now May Be the Right Time for Green Stimulus | Personal ...
By Brad

We can also bias our energy generation toward areas in which we have a natural advantage, like wind. Even if you doubt that reducing our carbon emissions is a worthy goal, certainly those have some weight. ... The question then becomes, is Green spending an efficient way to create jobs. According to the Peterson Institute of International Economics, green projects produce 30100 job-years per billion spent, vs. ... Categories. Economy · Investing · Personal Finance ...
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