Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oil Spill Jobs, Top Ten Google Searches. New Estimates 5 Times Larger Than Thought This Morning!

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  1. News results for oil spill jobs

    Prices could hike due to oil spill in Louisiana!‎ - 1 hour ago
    One in 17 jobs are in the fishing industry in Louisiana! The oil spill could have damaged for good the oyster culture and that means less jobs for the ...
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  2. Environment - Oil Spill Response Jobs

    Environment - Oil Spill Response Jobs ... Select Sub Category. Location: (the job is based in) ... Other jobs that may interest you ... - Cached - Similar
  3. Obama heads to Gulf; govt defends spill operation - Yahoo! News

    May 2, 2010 ... In the Exxon Valdez disaster, an oil tanker spilled 11 million .... Stay home and put our full resources towards jobs and the economy. ... - 9 hours ago
  4. Gov't says it's prepared for worst in oil spill - Yahoo! News

    Apr 29, 2010 ... Politico: Shades of Katrina in oil spill politics ... Job GrowthStart preparing now for jobs in the growing health services industry. ... - Cached
  5. Blog posts about oil spill jobs

    Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ... - Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers ... - 4 hours ago
    Macondo Gulf Oil Spill in Perspective | RedState - ladyimpactohio's Diary - 1 day ago
  6. For Fishermen, Spill Closes Door and Opens Another -

    May 1, 2010 ... BP Is Criticized Over Oil Spill, but U.S. Missed Chances to Act (May 1, ... industry or the oil industry — that's the only jobs down here, ...
  7. Oil Offshore Marine - Oil Spill Jobs, Oil Jobs, Oil & Gas Jobs ...

    You will find a great range of Oil Offshore Marine - Oil Spill Jobs, oil jobs, petroleum jobs, oil careers, energy jobs, maritime jobs, Oil Rig Jobs, ... - Cached - Similar
  8. Career Opportunities

    This position possesses significant experience with oil spill response equipment, ... The MSRC Responder specializes in all phases of oil spill response ... - Cached
  9. Hundreds line up for oil spill cleanup jobs in Florida -

    Apr 30, 2010 ... Hundreds stood in a line that wrapped around Workforce Escarosa in Pensacola this morning to apply for positions on a cleanup crew for the ... - Cached
  10. Gulf oil spill: Fishermen hope for hazmat jobs | Greenspace | Los ...

    Apr 30, 2010 ... They were Cajun and Italian, Vietnamese and Cambodian, in white shrimp boots and scuffed sneakers, with sun-baked faces and hard squinting ... - Cached
  11. Careers @ Oil Spill Response takes you places

    An Oil Spill Response career challenges individuals to undertake a myriad of technical functions, some possibly in challenging physical environments. ... - Cached - Similar
  12. Oil Spill & Pollution Clean up Contractors Directory has been serving the oil spill community since 2001, ... This unique directory lists over 1000 oil spill contractors around the world, ... - Cached - Similar

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