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Gulf Oil Spill Unconfirmed Report Of Second Platform Sinking ????

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The 9.12 Project Network
Yes; RIGS, plural.

We have all heard quite a bit about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig which was attacked and sank in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, attacked. And no, this isn't just another rehash of the conspiracy theory popping up on blogs everywhere about North Korea attacking. The aggressor may indeed be North Korea, but I haven't seen or heard anything which would support that.

That said, I understand that a certain media figure, whom I respect, is looking into this story, to see if it holds any water...and obviously, he'll only report on it if it's legit, so let's help him find the truth!

From what I have heard, the speculation that it WAS an attack was based upon facts, as in, there's no way on earth that this oil rig, which had been overhauled with the latest upgrades only two years ago, I'm told, and had TEN redundant hydraulic systems in place to prevent exactly what happened, according to an anonymous source who got in touch with me via an intermediary, just blew up and went down like that. 

They have systems in place to ensure that it won't happen, and I was told that this particular rig was just bristling with the latest upgrades/systems. And even if a gas buildup occurred, it couldn't possibly do the damage that apparently happened to the oil wellhead, according to sources I've spoken to. I've been told that only properly placed/targeted military-grade explosives could have done that. 

From what I understand, that's due to the super-heavy duty way these things are built. They're designed to withstand massive waves, hurricanes, and the rigors of drilling miles into the Earth. A mere natural gas explosion simply doesn't contain enough energy per area to do much damage, much less overcome ten redundant systems, each the size of a Mack truck.

Now, to be clear, I haven't been able to independently confirm this, which is why I'm asking for your help. The truth is that I have no personal expertise with drill rigs and explosives, but I'm a reasonably intelligent fellow, and willing to learn. If any of you are in the industry and/or are experienced with explosives, and can confirm the factual basis for such speculation, I'd love to get independent confirmation of this line of thinking, and get even more of the truth out, or at least, confirm what I've already heard, so please contact me ASAP. And make sure your info is detailed, and where possible, with independently verifiable documentation.

Many of our members may have already heard that those in the industry agree that this DEFINITELY wasn't an accident. I've heard this from enough people who I trust to consider it to be likely, and now it's time to reach out to try to confirm this.

Let's face it; considering the response, with SWAT teams on every rig, I'm inclined to agree that those assessments are far more likely to be accurate than inaccurate.

And one only needs to remember every major disaster/attack to realize that the press seems to ALWAYS gets through to SOMEONE who was a survivor/witness. Yet not only are we not seeing those interviews, but we aren't hearing a peep from the press, clamoring that there's no access to the survivors.

And then there's the inconvenient truth that a SECOND OIL RIG went down later, but only a single news story has been done on it, and it was just a tiny blurb in Marketwatch. Scroll down past this first article to read the news of the SECOND oil rig to go down in a week.

I don't know about you, but I've NEVER heard of such a thing happening. Two oil rigs going down in the same month, in the same part of the world...have any of you ever heard of such a thing happening? Glenn Beck has encouraged us to not dismiss ANYTHING as a coincidence, and I think as 9.12'ers, we owe it to the dead workers' families to not just assume this was an accident, and let it fade down the memory hole.

Again, I want to be clear: WE DON'T YET KNOW. I want to see if we can learn, from those here on The 9.12 Project Network, what's up. We'll learn a lot more as time goes on, but I wanted to pass this along to our members, asking for more information from anybody in the industry. If you have more detailed information, and are willing to speak with me, or you know someone who does, and is, please contact me.

Here's the best original story on this I've seen, from April 22nd, 2010:

APRIL 22, 2010

Blast Jolts Oil World

Gulf Rig Explodes, 11 Missing; Potential Blow to Industry

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig AblazeNEW ORLEANS—A massive fire on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico left 11 workers missing and cast a pall over an offshore drilling boom that stands to dramatically lift U.S. energy output.

Rescuers scoured the Gulf for the unaccounted workers late Wednesday as firefighters struggled to quench a towering fire that forced all aboard to flee.

The blaze on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, which broke out around 10 p.m. central Tuesday night, thrust a geyser of flames and smoke into the sky about 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Seventeen people were injured, three critically, rescue officials said.

The rig is operated for oil giant BP PLC by drilling contractor Transocean Ltd., which said the search for the cause of the fire would begin after the missing had been accounted for. But Transocean said one possibility that might explain the size and ferocity of the blaze is a blow-out, an uncontrolled burst of oil and natural gas from the well.

Some industry analysts said they feared the accident might temporarily damp the pace of oil development in the deepest reaches of the Gulf, which has become a significant exploration hotspot for international oil companies seeking new sources of petroleum. The industry is booming, and has been challenged by a tight supply of rigs and skilled workers.

The accident comes at a sensitive time politically for the industry. President Obama late last month proposed allowing drilling in new areas of the eastern Gulf of Mexico and off the southern Atlantic coast, where it was banned. Supporters argue the industry has become much safer. The Transocean fire could be an untimely reminder of risks.

"Is there a domino effect from this?" asked Arun Jayaram, a Credit Suisse analyst. "It seems like there would be some collateral damage."

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Ablaze At Night

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