Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oil Spill In The Gulf of Mexico Could Become The Biggest Man Made Disaster of Our Time. Earl Allen Boek

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I have been researching this Gulf Oil Spill now for hours
and posting my findings to many other social networks.

I am now sticking my neck out here. I have not heard
anyone out there say this YET...but I believe this oil
spill will become the biggest man man disaster in the
history of mankind.  I believe the oil is flowing at such
a rate that it could escape the gulf and go into the
gulf stream and up the Atlantic coast and maybe even
affect the Europe's fisheries.  Please some expert tell
me, tell us this is impossible.

As for the "blow out prevention" device that was
supposed to be on this failed oil platform. How do
we know for sure it was even there. Hasn't it actually
blown out?  In fact, from what I've read, it's unlikely
this safety feature was even installed do to it's high
cost.  EAB


RITI, LLC Real Estate Investment Trust Institute said...

Actually I have seen one other author allude to the scope of the disaster. We both agree, it's real,
real bad. EAB

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