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Wind Power in Portugal By Teresa Simoes, Liliana Madeira and Ana ...

REVE - Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos
The wind power sector already plays an important role in job creation in Portugal and promises to continue to do so in coming years. This job creation has ...
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It Will Be Years Before Lost Jobs Return -- and Many Never Will
Wall Street Journal

"None of the companies building wind farms can get financing, so they're not hiring many technicians," Mr. Fenwick said. "Things have just been stagnating ...
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Aviva Investors catching up in Asia
Asian Investor (subscription)

Wind and solar are our two biggest renewable energy focuses, and both industries have been damaged by fear of financing large-scale projects. ...
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San Antonio announces plans for a sustainable future
By Angus Doyle

The utility CPS Energy partnered with the Texas city on the project. The report stated that San Antonio would work with CPS Energy to develop new distributed energy sources. Greater investments will be made in renewable energy sources and ... San Antonio is already investing in green jobs with its Mission Verde plan, said the report. CPS has made a number of renewable energy investments as well, including solar and wind power. “Green jobs and adequate financing mechanisms ...
SmartMeters - http://www.smartmeters.com/

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy First a little promised Commentary By Green Earl More Government Payola For The Power Brokers. The Smart Grid .... A thirty Year pioneer conservation solar domestic hot water, solar PV and project leasing and finance. Also, the global marketing and promotion of emerging technology, goods and services. A Internet, WWW,marketing pioneer and promoter of the WebTV ...

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* Giant candy store to open in gigantic mall (Reuters)
* German minister-to-be rebuffs question in English (Reuters)
* A mai tai with the Mai Mai? (Reuters)
* Rental pets and robots in "Blade Runner" Tokyo (Reuters)
* Beaten Ohio man is shot during self-defense lesson (AP)
* Girls warned not to hide boyfriends' guns (Reuters)
* Fashionistas furious over Berlusconi link (Reuters)
* German kids hand out lost 15,000 euros in playground (AFP)
* Schwarzenegger asked to close prostitute Website (Reuters)
* Getting corny: Environmentalists seek 'agricultural asylum' (AFP)
* Clerics torpedo samba show (Reuters)
* Tiff over Gaddafi tent on Trump land ends (Reuters)

Giant candy store to open in gigantic mall (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Dubai-based company is opening what it says will be the world's largest confectionary store in Dubai as it looks to tap demand from the Gulf Arab region's hunger for candy.

German minister-to-be rebuffs question in English (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Guido Westerwelle, who is widely expected to become foreign minister in the next German government, admonished a reporter who asked him a question in English on Monday, saying: "We're in Germany here."

A mai tai with the Mai Mai? (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Congo's army has suspended an officer accused of drinking with the enemy ahead of a militia attack that the United Nations said left six soldiers dead, a top army commander said Tuesday.

Rental pets and robots in "Blade Runner" Tokyo (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Only in Tokyo could you hire a cat out for an hour and stroke it while you have a cappuccino -- or better still, while a robot cooks your noodles for you.

Beaten Ohio man is shot during self-defense lesson (AP) Top
AP - An 80-year-old Ohio man is recovering from a week in which he was beaten during a home invasion and then shot while trying to learn about guns.

Girls warned not to hide boyfriends' guns (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A campaign warning girls not to stash or carry guns for their boyfriends was launched by London police Wednesday.

Fashionistas furious over Berlusconi link (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Italian fashionistas on Wednesday hit back at foreign media reports that their latest creations were for "bimbos" inspired by the sex scandals surrounding Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's private life.

German kids hand out lost 15,000 euros in playground (AFP) Top
AFP - Children in a school in Germany had a day to remember this week when four pupils found around 15,000 euros (22,000 dollars) and then handed it out to their friends in the playground, police said Friday.

Schwarzenegger asked to close prostitute Website (Reuters)
Reuters - A British government minister asked California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday to shut down a U.S. website that allows men to rate prostitutes, including many working in London.

Getting corny: Environmentalists seek 'agricultural asylum' (AFP) Top
AFP - Environmentalists dressed as giant ears of corn Tuesday asked for "agricultural asylum" in the French embassy in Madrid in a protest over genetically modified crops.

Clerics torpedo samba show (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A protest by Muslim clerics torpedoed a Brazilian samba show in the Lebanese city of Tire on Thursday, local officials said.

Tiff over Gaddafi tent on Trump land ends (Reuters) Top
Reuters - The company that set up a huge tent for visiting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will plead guilty to zoning violations in the town of Bedford, New York, and pay a $1,000 fine, the town attorney said on Thursday.

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Energy Is Not That Hard
Daily Kos - Berkeley,CA,USA

Boxer-Kerry also contains a strong emphasis on conservation, with a series ... Without buying into the cutesy language of "negawatts," energy not consumed ...

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Senior Energy Auditor Job at Association for Energy Affordability
GreenBiz.com's green jobs and career center has jobs in renewable energy, cleantech, ... Training and Engineering Services, the Senior Energy Auditor ...

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Climate change, new industrial policies and exiting the crisis ...
eGov monitor

In the future, the number of jobs in the renewable energy sector should rise spectacularly. According to the last Commission study, meeting our target in ...
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Tech Tour Day Nine: Kettering A Fitting Wrap-Up

His graduates work with everything from robotics to renewable energy to advanced automotive systems. John Callewaert, director of the office of research at ...
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Expert Q&As - Q&A: Nelson Clark, Senior Vice President NCFI ...
By Christina Jelski

Those driving forces and trends broadly influence buying decisions for products that are sustainable, produced from renewable raw materials, and conserve energy. The number of people wanting green materials is growing because they are more ... Every new applicator also has to realize they are getting into a business; it isn't just a job. They need to think and act like business owners by providing working capital, bonding, sales and marketing, etc. NCFI starts every new ...

Expert Q&As - http://www.metrogreenbusiness.com/news/qa.php

Drawing A Line in the Black Sand | ePluribus Media
By Unenergy

David Patterson leverages $112m in revenue from the Northeasts's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) into $5 billion of private investment to finance home weatherization, energy efficiency projects, and green jobs creation. ... Here's a bold plan for renewable energy: 12 European companies are going to work together to build the world's largest solar farm in Northern Africa. The project will be called Desertec. The electricity it generates will not travel south to ...
ePluribus Media - http://discuss.epluribusmedia.net/

Dan Agin: Our Nemesis: The Misery of Industrial Pollution
By Dan Agin

... In Renewable Energy Grants For Colorado. DENVER (AP) -- Colorado will get more than $34 million in federal stimulus money for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven. .... The experiments indicate that one barrel of water can equal 200 barrels of oil! These revolutionary technologies hold promise of generating millions of green jobs. They will change much of what is now believed about energy. Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted ...

The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/raw_feed_index.rdf

By Gonzalo Raffo de Lavalle

This reform will not apply to our support for clean energy, renewables, and technologies that dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will have our Energy and Finance Ministers, based on their national circumstances, develop implementation strategies ... As leaders of the world's major economies, we are working for a resilient, sustainable, and green recovery. We underscore anew our resolve to take strong action to address the threat of dangerous climate change . ...
Gonzalo Raffo InfoNews - http://gonzaloraffoinfonews.blogspot.com/

Scientists develop rice that requires no cooking
By Jatindra Dash

July 30th, 2009 NASIK - New and Renewable Energy Miniser Farooq Abdullah Thursday inaugurated a large solar steam system at the pilgrim town of Shirdi, some 90 km from here, which officials say is the world's largest that can generate 3500 kg of .... London QE II Conference Centre 8 Oct on How Science and Technology will help China's Green Revolution; settab1 Shahjalal University of Science and Technology: Life at SUST Previous revision Revision.. http://bit.ly/Kclas ...

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WAG announces £34 million renewable research fund
New Energy Focus - London,England,UK

The Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) energy programme is set to start in ... in solar photovoltaics, the University of Glamorgan in hydrogen energy, ...
34m to meet Welsh carbon-cutting targets

PublicTechnology.net - UK

... in areas such as solar energy for heating buildings, hydrogen for powering transport, power generation using biomass and photovoltaic (PV) technology to ...

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What is a Photovoltaic-PV Solar Designer | forensic nursing
By roychong

energy and using this technology for their electrical needs. PV harnesses enough solar energy for refrigerators, communication systems, and even electricity for entire towns or villages. A Green Career that Pays ... installation, and maintenance of renewable energy systems such as the PV solar system. This industry plays a major role in the quest for a more energy efficient world by harnessing energy for commercial and residential solar power needs. This technology will ...

forensic nursing - http://www.discoverforensicnursing.com/

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04 | Environmental Education ...
By admin

environment #solar BIO DIESEL REFINERY | Refinery Sale http://bit.ly/83CT2 # #environment #solar 275 Gallon-bio Diesel-ibc-water Storage-refurb-ca |
Environmental Education with... - http://www.enviro-art.com/

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Solar PV Kit+Meter+Invertor – Soladin | Solar Photovoltaic ...
Solar PV Kit+Meter+Invertor - SoladinSolar Photovoltaic-FREE DELIVERY – For ... in order to export power to the National GridThis Solar PVsolar electric kit ...



[EnvironmentalistsforObama] Re: Re: Re: Tennessee Coal Ash Spill
Monday, October 5, 2009 1:13:45 PM
Jacqueline de Floris
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To: Environmentalists for Obama
They call it "pragmatism", for all that's worth.


On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 10:03 PM, Rob wrote:

Bush, with his crimes against humanity (torture,civil rights,etc) and the environment, left us a deadly legacy, and yet goes unindicted; he's been given a pass!

Justice for All ... Rob [bob-pol]
racggg@gmail.com from iphone

On Oct 5, 2009, at 3:49 PM, Derrick Gibson wrote:

> The spill happened in the waning days of the Bush administration and most of the media were alrea dy treating him as though his Presidency was over and Obama was already in charge, so they spent most of the spill week discussion "what is Obama going to do about the auto industry" and "what is Obama going to do about war between Israel and Hamas", so while the question of "how did all of this poison leak into our waterways" was asked, it never rose above the noise of the collapse of the House of Bush.
> And that idiot thinks that history will vindicate him; history will have no choice but to indict us for not indicting him. ;He is dragging us all down, again.
> The real question we should be asking ourselves now, is "where are they putting all of that coal ash now"?
> ________________________________
> Derrick N. Gibson
> On Oct 5, 2009, at 1:43 PM, Laura Mauney wrote:
>> I saw the Tennessee Coal Ash horror story on 60 minutes last night - first I'd ever heard of it and I haven't stopped watching cable news since the Tsunami several years ago. The coal ash spill was bigger than the Exxon Valdez, said the reporter. And it sounds like the junk may have gotten into the aquifer... So yet again I ask - where was the heavy media coverage when this initially happened? Why wasn't it given the same level of coverage as Katrina, Exxon Valdez, the Tsunami?
>> And while I am at it, does anybody know how the freshwater springs in North Florida managed to get all polluted within the past 8 years, after being pure and clean for thousands of years previously?
>> Anybody have any ideas how we can create a message turnaround in the media on all this stuff?
>> - Laura M.
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>October is Energy Awareness Month
Monday, October 5, 2009 2:48:14 PM
Team Pickens
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To: earlallenboek@yahoo.com

Hi Green Earl:

October is Energy Awareness Month. With Fall arriving in most parts of the country, this is a great time to check our home insulation, weatherize windows and doors, and install compact fluorescent light bulbs.

One of our long-time Pickens Plan partners, Owens Corning, is a leader in energy efficiency.

Boone will be making the following appearances this week:

-- CNBC Squawk Box
Tuesday, 10/6, 7-8 am ET

-- Imus in the Morning with Don Imus
Wednesday, 10/7, 9:05 am ET
We’ve partnered with them to launch a new feature on PickensPlan.com dedicated to energy efficiency.

In addition to finding information about how to make your home more energy efficient, you’ll also find discussion forums and groups dedicated to the topic.

Click here to visit the new Energy Efficiency page on our website and join the conversation. Let us know what you’re doing to be more energy efficient.

The Pickens Plan is a complete plan. And conservation is a big part of it.

-- Team Pickens

P.S. We’re also celebrating Energy Awareness Month on Twitter and Facebook. To follow our facts and tips all month long, follow us on Twitter @pickensplan or become our fan at www.Facebook.com/PickensPlan.

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Pickens Plan


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IEEE 802 is ready to begin discussions on Wireless Communications for the Smart Grid (Priority Action Plan 2 for the Smart Grid Roadmap) 0 comments »

Started by Alejandra Mercado, Principal Engineer for R&D at Hughes Network Systems
Latest News
The Green Revolution is really about Hydrogen Convergence 0 comments »

ebTDesign Forum | October 5, 2009

How hydrogen convergence solves the main dilemma associated with the Green Revolution and provides business incentives for traditional power companies to join the effort.…
CURRENT Group Partners with Tendril to Demonstrate the Power of Bi-Directional Smart Grid Solutions for Utilities and their Customers 0 comments »

SmartGridCareers.com - Press Releases | October 5, 2009

CURRENT Group Partners with Tendril to Demonstrate the Power of Bi-Directional Smart Grid Solutions for Utilities and their Customers…
Nova Scotia Power and OpenHydro unveil in-stream tidal turbine 0 comments »

Ocean Power Magazine | October 3, 2009

HALIFAX ─ Nova Scotia Power and its technology partner OpenHydro have unveiled a 1-megawatt (MW) tidal turbine which they will deploy in the Bay of Fundy this fall as part of Nova Scotia's tidal power test facility. The Open-Centre Turbine was manufactu...…
2009 CIGRÉ Southern Africa Conference keynote address 0 comments »

Energize magazine, South Africa, September 2009 issue | October 2, 2009

Erica Johnson, Eskom's chief officer, customer network business, gave the opening keynote address at the 6th CIGRE Southern African Regional Conference on 21 August 2009. A shortened version of her challenging keynote address is given below.…

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Jetty St . John and his dog Scarlett overlooking Cook County's rugged landscape which poses impediments to connectivity .

Broadband connectivity is a big issue in rural and remote parts of ...
MinnPost.com - Minneapolis,MN,USA

TDS, sued to block the project, arguing that the city could not finance it with .... But it can be spotty, depending on the wind and snow that Cook County ...

Climate bill stokes business debate
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA

Vice President for Projects and Policy Robin Roy said the legislation would ... Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa, which employs 800 workers at plants in ...
COVER STORY: Communities differ in use of economic development ...

Prairie Business - Grand Forks,ND,USA

The National City, CA-based Knight & Carver Wind Group opened a wind .... bunch of low-end jobs, it is easy to win the project, but lose the economic game. ...
EV World

REFF West: Putting the 'Green' in Green Technology
EV World

The wind tends to blow more at night when demand is down and solar collection is affected by rain and cloudy days. Active grid management will increase in ...
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Mayoral candidates share views on public works and services
Newburyport Current

Bike over to Plum Island and you can't help but feel the wind and hear the waves that are chewing away at the island's beaches. And those three problems are ...
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Council to Consider Leasing Land for Solar Energy Project
istockAnalyst.com (press release)

Their work has primarily been in wind energy, but they have expanded to acquire additional focus in solar, geothermal and biomass." Council approval of the ...
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10-05-09 Read the NAFB's National Ag News as heard inside the ...
By Brian Allmer

The Senate Finance Committee finished action on its final amendment to its health-care reform package early last Friday morning. This sets up the bill for final committee action this week. The committee's measure is expected to form the backbone of .... In the midst of a sluggish economy – community wind projects are popping up across the country. The concept of community wind is simple and flexible. Projects can be of any size, from one turbine to a hundred turbines, ...

BARN OnAir & OnLine 24/7/365 - http://brianallmerradionetwork.wordpress.com/

By Herman K. Trabish

[T]he financing environment is still difficult, with excessive reliance on stimulus funds, development banks and state-backed capital providers...Investment in clean energy still has not recovered to levels seen in 2008 and 2007." ... Now Ireland can not only move away from fossil fuels but export its wind riches as well. (click to enlarge) "According to a report by Sustainable Energy Ireland, a group that promotes the development of renewable energy, the country is ...

NewEnergyNews - http://newenergynews.blogspot.com/

Greece - Wind power by Kyriakos Rossis and Eftihia Tzen, 04.10 ...
By Online editorial www.windfair.net

In addition, new jobs are created related to maintenance and operation of the wind farms in mainly underdeveloped areas. An expanding network of highly experienced engineering firms has been created and is currently working on all phases of the development of new wind ... The cost of generated wind power could be assumed to be between 0.026 and 0.047 €/kWh, depending on the site and project cost. The typical interest rate for financing wind energy projects is 7% to 8%. ...

www.windfair.net - http://www.windfair.net/

newsminer.com • Study finds prefab houses in Alaska villages ...

In comparison, just 0.5 percent of homes in Anchorage are considered beyond repair, according to the analysis prepared for the research center and the Alaska Housing Finance Corp. .... They are battered by wind nearly year round, wind that carries rain, snow, salt water off he ocean (not all in all the villages, but in the ones along the coast). Fairbanks has rough conditions, but they are different rough conditions than those found in southwestern Alaska. ...

News-Miner stories: Alaska - http://www.newsminer.com/news/alaska/

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Wind Energy News | Business
Multilingual news on: Wind Energy, Renewable Energy Electric Power Generation ... Renewable Energy ... Renewable Energy ... Hydroelectric Power ... Solar Energy ...
http://www.newstin.com/us/wind-energy - Rank 38

Windblogs.com - Energy Blogs and News - Wind Energy - Solar ...
Renewable energy comes in many forms other than wind. ... www.alternative-energy-news .info reports on a similar issue. Their article is excerpted below: ...
http://www.windblogs.com/ - Rank 46

NCAR: solar wind can disrupt satellites, weather - Topix - Deep result - Rank 72

Solar Energy News Daily - Deep result - Rank 82

Renewable Energy News and Updates: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro - Deep result - Rank 84

Overview of China's Renewable Energy Law | Solar Market News - Deep result - Rank 91

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weSRCH.com - The World's leading Professional Networking ...

Photovoltaics/solar. Transportation. Wind/Water/Geo. Ask weSRCH. Ask weSRCH!! FREE! ... become world's biggest wind power - Daily Finance (blog) Blown away: ...
http://energy.wesrch.com/Category/Wind/Water/Geo - Rank 4

Solar Wind, Geo-Termal, Water Conservation - DoItYourself.com ...

Personal Finance & Legal. Flooring. Gardening and Patio. Going Green - NEW! Hardware & Tools ... Your Home Solar & Wind Power, Geo-Thermal Energy Systems ...
http://forum.doityourself.com/greening-your-home/331594-solar-wind-geo-termal-water-conservation.html#post1624652 - Rank 7

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World of Renewables.com | The World's #1 Online Renewable ...

Trina Solar Expands European Sales and Marketing Team ... Finance. PV Events. Industry PR. Tech & Innovation. Solar Thermal. Storage. Cooling. CPV ...

http://www.worldofrenewables.com/latestnews/photovoltaics/trina_solar_expands_european_sales_and_marketing_team.html - Rank 47 * * *

Evergreen Solar sales chief leaving to run solar start-up ...

Finance & Stock Market News. Evergreen Solar sales chief leaving to run solar start-up ... CEO, will assume marketing and sales responsibilities on an interim ...
http://www.lse.co.uk/FinanceNews.asp?ArticleCode=awn4707qccpsn6k&ArticleHeadline=Evergreen_Solar_sales_chief_leaving_to_run_solar_startup - Rank 19 * * *

Global Solar Technology - Photon EVP appointed to SolarTech ...
... and content management system, Photon EVP appointed to SolarTech Finance Committee ... Dustin developed award-winning sales and marketing automation systems and ...
http://globalsolartechnology.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4131&Itemid=9 - Rank 49 * * *

san luis obispo sales jobs classifieds - craigslist

B 2 B Sales - (California) Sales Opening for expanding team ... Solar Sales-Help fund Charities - Unique Individual for Support Position - (San Luis Obispo) ...

http://slo.craigslist.org/sls/ - Rank 43 * * *

Jobs In Solar: Solar Sales Executive - Deep result - Rank 85 * * *

Energy Matters LLC - Solar Estimate, Solar Sales Software ... - Deep result - Rank 57 * * *

Business Analyst Sales at SCHOTT Solar, Inc. in San Jose ... - Deep result - Rank 100 * * *

GreenMomentum - PHOTON ENERGY SERVICES CO-FOUNDER AND ... - Deep result - Rank 65 * * *

Account Manager - Solar Job, Bright Green Talent - CleanTech ... - Deep result - Rank 67 * * *

Arno Harris - Deep result - Rank 69 * * *

BBC iPlayer - Business Daily: Solar power - Deep result - Rank 84 * * *

Sales Operations and Technical Support Specialist - Job Details - Deep result - Rank 72 * * *
California solar company to get federal backing - Deep result - Rank 77 * * *

California solar company gets $535 million loan guarantee ... - Deep result - Rank 74 * * *
California Finance Jobs & Employment - FlipDog Job Search - Deep result - Rank 54 * * *

Sacramento Area Warms to Home Solar Power - Finance - Builder ... - Deep result - Rank 91 * * *

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Law firms start recruiting again
Cambridge Evening News - Cambridge,England,UK

John Jordan has been appointed regional director of utility services with Morgan Est. He comes from EDF Energy, where he was business development director. ...

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As Layoffs Persist, Good Jobs Go Unfilled - Careers Articles
By Cameron Caswell

Yet it can take a year or more for a laid-off worker to gain the training and education to switch industries. That means health care jobs are going unfilled even as laid-off workers in the auto, construction or financial services ... Baker said he's getting resumes from well-educated people, including some from information technology workers who want to enter the green-energy field. But he said it could take a year to get an unqualified employee up to speed on all the ...
Careers Articles - http://jobs.aol.com/articles/photos/high-paying-jobs-no-degree-required/2048293/

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