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30+ Reasons Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
by BoBo2020
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Fri Oct 09, 2009 at 07:45:22 AM PDT

I can’t believe I am hearing fellow Kossacks complain about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I have read comment after comment of hand-wringing and worry about how it’s too soon and he hasn’t accomplished enough.

Come on folks – where have you been? He's addressed everything from climate change and women's health to nuclear proliferation and torture.

Does he have a lot left to do? Absolutely. The Republicans left the place in tatters. But don’t pretend for a moment that Obama hasn’t accomplished astonishing things.

In this “short time”, President Obama has completely overhauled foreign policy.

President Obama has restored America’s prominence in international diplomacy.

President Obama has reached out to the Muslim world ion a way that was previously unimagined.

Obama has stated "Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges" to which the Nobel prize's nominating committee responded: "For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world's leading spokesman,"

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Here is a brief list of some of the reasons President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize: (As a side note, it took me less than 45 minutes to compile this into a diary. It took me longer to fix my html errors than to find a short list of Nobel Prize winning accomplishments by our President. I am sure I have missed MANY things.)

3/18/8 – Obama caught world-wide attention for his moving speech on race relations

7/24/8 - Obama lays the foundation for a new era of international relations and began inspiring renewed hope in American leadership during his campaign speech in Berlin

11/6/8 – Obama’s victory was hailed as a promise of hope for the world.

12/1/8 – Obama began plans to restore U.N. ambassador to cabinet rank.

1/22/9 - Appointed a Special Envoy for Middle East peace

1/22/9 – Ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay

1/22/9 – Ordered comprehensive review of detention policies

1/22/9 – Prohibited use of torture

1/22/9 - Signed an executive order to close CIA secret prisons

1/23/9 – Lifted “Global Gag Rule” on international health groups

1/26/9 – Began to address climate change by increasing fuel standards for automobiles

1/26/9 – Appointed Special Envoy for Climate Change

1/27/9 - Signs Lily Ledbetter “Fair Pay” Act

2/1/9 – Expanded healthcare for children by signing SCHIP

2/5/9 - Again addressed energy conservation by increasing standards for appliances.

2/24/9 – Directed almost $1 billion for prevention and wellness to improve America’s health

2/25/9 - Initiated international efforts to reduce mercury emissions worldwide

2/27/9 – Committed to responsibly ending the war in Iraq

4/1/9 – Agreed to negotiation of a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia.

4/1/9 – Enhanced U.S. – China relations

4/2/9 - Led global response to the economic crisis through the G20, obtaining commitments of $1.1 trillion to safeguard the world’s most vulnerable economies

4/4/9 - Renewed dialog with NATO and other key allies

4/5/9 – Announced new strategy to responsible address international nuclear proliferation

4/13/9 – Began easing tension with Cuba through new policy stance

4/17/9 - Secured $5 billion in aid commitments "to bolster [Pakistan's] economy and help it fight terror and Islamic radicalism"

4/22/9 - Developed the renewable energy projects on the waters of our Outer Continental Shelf that produce electricity from wind, wave, and ocean currents.

5/8/9 – Proposed International Affaires budget that included funds to create a civilian response corps -- teams of civilian experts in rule of law, policing, transitional governance, economics, engineering, and other areas critical to helping rebuild war-torn societies; Provide $40 million for a "stabilization bridge fund," which would provide rapid response funds for the State Department to help stabilize a crisis situation.

6/4/9 - Gave historic address to the Muslim World in Cairo - "American is not at war with Islam" Foreign affairs experts insist that Obama's engagement with the Muslim world has been remarkable. "He has been able to dramatically change America's image in that region"

8/4/9 - Used DIPLOMACY to free 2 American journalists from a North Korea prison

9/18/9 - De-escalation of nuclear tension through repurposing of missile defense prompting Russia to withdraw its missile plan.


This is a short and hastily compiled list. Imagine how long this list would be if someone took the time to review all of the stories here at DailyKos since January. It would be staggering.

Obama DESERVES the Nobel Peace Prize for his words AND his deeds. He has accomplished unprecedented change in U.S. politics and world affairs.

Please feel free to add items I have missed.

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