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We Defeated New Offshore Oil Drilling

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"Chairman John Burton, California Democratic Party"

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The state budget has now passed both houses of the Legislature.

And, thanks in part to your hard work and activism, Assembly Democrats killed a Republican-backed budget bill that would have allowed offshore drilling in state-controlled waters off California’s coast for the first time since the devastating 1969 oil spill off the Santa Barbara coast.

Not a single Assembly Democrat voted in favor of this sweetheart deal for one oil company. They recognized that it would have been bad for the environment and it would have done little if anything to solve California’s current or systemic budget problems.

Please join me in congratulating Assembly Democrats for taking this stand for our environment.

And I thank all of you for your activism around this issue.

Peace and friendship,


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apprenticeTeacher said...

Some of us JAFOs think that it was not the oil spill that prompted the moratorium on offshore drilling entirely...perhaps the threat of seismic events caused by dumping sea water into the San Andreas Fault LINE was more compelling to those who actually care about massive earth displacement...?

Look up one of the essays on Google for the CSI Sumatra, written by this author, as a small discussion with students in South Asia, after a tsunami ripped open the sea floor in 2004...

Or the follow-up essay called Underground Tsunamis; which can also be found as a google search...does deep ocean drilling leave hydraulic fluids such as sea water in the same space as molten metals cause massive steam explosions that send shock waves underground to other active volcanoes? The reports that I read on the University of Alaska website indicated that there were measurable harmonics in Alaska that coincided with the tsunami/quake activity in South Eastern region of the Indian Ocean in December on 2004 and for some time after the wave subsided on the ocean's surface.

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