Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Earl Inspects A Solar System Installed At The Foot Of Mt. Shasta In Northern CA, Almost 28 Years Ago, Still Operating Trouble_Free

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

Yesterday I drove North On I-5 towards the city and
Mountain called "Shasta" located in the far reaches
of the state of California. The mountain is about
75 miles South of the Oregon border. I was actually
heading to a little town just North of the city of
Mt. Shasta called Weed, CA. (much better than it
sounds) located at the foot of this 14,000 still snow
covered peak, on the Northside, looking back South.

I had the rare opportunity of looking at a solar install
completed nearly 28 years ago by the company I founded
here in Northern CA. in 1981, American Energy Conservation
Group. Our company did over $500,000 in gross sales,first
year and our marketing branch went on to establish solar
retailer, lead development systems, out of the cities of
Fresno, CA., (Kern County) Diamond, CA., (Orange County)
Canyon Country, (L. A. County) and Lancaster, CA. (L.A.
County) for the exclusive distributors for Gulf Thermal
Solar of Sarasotta, Fl, For California, called Solar
Harvest of Santa Paula, CA.

In these pictures you will see a flush mounted, 30 gal
storage, in stainless tanks, on the roof, in this case
flush mounted in the attic to minimize over-night heat
loss and possible freeze, as it can get cold at the foot
of this tallest snow covered peak in Northern CA.

The Values and diagram show how this system is controlled
from a pre-heat, by-pass, (freeze protection again) and
solar only, when the solar is available.

Yesterday, the temp was around 70 degrees. When I arrived
at the system and checked the temp, on a fairly overcast
morning, the system was already storing and delivering
110 degree water. Hotter than you can stand to shower in.
_Green Earl

Please remember, this system was installed nearly 28 years
ago, there is some pipe insulation pulling away from the
pipes, but I was actually very pleased how the thermal
hot water system had held up.


American Energy Conservation Group said...

Notice the gray taped pipe in the lower left-hand corner of the pre-plumb. The customer hired a plumber after we completed this job in 1982, to add another line, which runs under the house, in the crawl-space, to a second water-heater.

While this additional line taxes the system's output, which really is undersized at 30 gal, this Cornell solar batch dhw, Domestic Hot Water System is still able to make a sizable contribution to the hot water, bath, shower and kitchen use of hot water needs, if the system is left in a pre-heat mode, full-time, it will keep the two water heaters, located in different parts of the 1400 sq ft home, from turning on, or at least turning on, very often_Green Earl

I am proud of our work..seeing it still operating nearly 3 decades later, trouble-free, is a real joy to me.

Naysayers in our town, Redding, cA where we actually have over 300 quality solar days a year, need to ask themselves, how a system located in a area with maybe only 200 or less good solar days, in a much colder climate becomes a totally cost-effective system, while they REU, Redding Electric Utility bull shits them into believing, and then helps to make sure, that rate-payer monies are spent on new grid lines, gas lines and polluting gas-fired electric turbines, instead of adding these renewable and alternative forms of energy and giving credit to those paying the tab...THEY'RE RATE PAYERS and owners of the REU Utility_Green Earl

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