Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Gold Rush, Now Taking Place In California, Like The Last Time It Happened, in 1848, It Won't Be Just The Miners, Who Get Rich!_By Green Earl

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

Following description of the aftermath of the 1849 California Gold
Rush as told by author J.S. Holliday in his wonderful book written
about the First California Gold Rush, titled: THE WORLD RUSHED IN
The California Gold Rush Experience

"The business of California is conducted boldly. Men make money
here rapidly, spend it freely and hastily. Changes in occupations
are frequent and in wealth, rapid.

Hazardous speculation is the body of our commercial system.
Most of our businessmen are young and they are still under
the influence of the feverish times of 49. Hereditary wealth
is unknown, our rich are prominent advertisements of the
victories that may be achieved by enterprise and bold

It is not an uncommon thing to see men who have been wealthy
on three or four occasions and then poor again....When men
fail they do not despair, in California...they hope to be rich

Written by_J.S. Hittell California's first economist in 1863,
15 years after the discovery of Gold at Sutters Mill in Coloma,

"Another Affirmation of Freedom, Opportunity, Rewards for the
risk-takers, optimism in the face of failure in a society unlike
any other.

What A Transformation...Consider these fundamentals,
characteristics, created and shaped by the impact of
"The Gold Rush". It created the worlds first
melting pot, A Global Society named San
Francisco. A full one hundred years before that concept
was even conceived.

California, "The Great Exception"
And it is happening again, this time on a Global Scale.

Imagine, A Global Gold Rush!

For those that want to relive the cycle of the Gold
Rush, Leave Home, Travel To Distant Lands, Experience
a New Life and Return One Day A Changed Man or Women
(as in a war) And
this time you won't even have to even leave your home
computer, if you can't or don't want too.

Your Search Begins With This Post. Do A little
prospecting through out this post...You'll find your
El Dorado_Green Earl I would not say it If I did
not believe in my heart.... it was so.

"We Together, Will Make The Unknown...Known"

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