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Biotech's third wave
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA

Jim Stoppert, CEO of Segetis held a bottle of the company's bio-based chemical building block monomer made out of renewable byproducts from agriculture or ...

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MY TURN | Clean Energy Policy Needed — Now!
Kitsap Sun - WA, United States

... are developing new technologies and creating green jobs — insulating buildings, creating renewable energy, and providing transportation solutions. ...

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The real risks posed by global warming
Taipei Times - Taiwan

My audience included business leaders who hope to profit from cap-and-trade policies and from subsidies for renewable energy and “green” jobs. ...

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Blog | Yudelson Associates | Green Building Consulting

The new green jobs will come from three areas. The first area is green buildings, both new and existing, where the growth is already tremendous - about 80% in 2008. The second area is renewable energy development, particularly wind and solar. ... Now, we have to go back and make design and operational changes that are consistent with our new knowledge of the financial costs and environmental consequences of building without sustainability in mind. This new green building ...
Yudelson Associates Green Building Blog -

The Oil Drum | Drumbeat: May 3, 2009
By Leanan

Looking for money to finance renewable energy and food security, state lawmakers have agreed to increase a per barrel tax on petroleum products sold by distributors, which could cost consumers a few cents more per gallon of gasoline ... glaring energy problems have put fusion back on the agenda... and, thanks to key contributions from the British-trained scientist Dr Brian MacGowan, the highly volatile process may be harnessed to provide us with a viable source of green ...
The Oil Drum - Discussions about... -

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By American Energy Conservation Group
Need Financing for Renewable Energy Equipment? Leasing is the way to finance
Wind, Solar, Bio and All Kinds of Industry Equipment_Green Earl (Just Click Above) Google Blogs Alert for: energy auditor. Energy Auditor - Austin, TX US ...
Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green... -

Agency audit reveals safety issues, failure to meet standards at ...
By Bureau News

The government-run Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (Hareda), which conducted energy audit in the Raj Bhawan had recommended several steps 'to optimise the energy consumption level', Hareda chairman Ashok Lavasa said. ...
The Gaea News -

'Vampire' energy use takes big bite out of your wallet ...
Are vampires sucking the life out of your household energy budget?
Almost every household has at least one electricity vampire that sucks up power and costs you money. "You need to do a home energy audit," said William Tauber, ...
The latest Features from PoconoRecord... -

RESNET - RESBlog - Post
The database will be searchable by state and zipcode; a Basic listing is no cost to qualified professionals; consumers of services will be able to rate their
satisfaction with the Energy Rater, Energy Auditor or Home Performance ...

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Equity | Venture Capitalists
Cambridge, MA-based GreatPoint Energy, which is developing technology that ... a pair of significant investments totaling $17.5MM in the renewable energy sector. ... New York; joined by Meritage Funds, a venture capital firm in Denver, ... NEW YORK----Millennium Technology Value Partners, L.P., a private equity ...

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Solar Power Engineer

Specific (c) renewable energy system design and demonstrated practical studies /

experience is highly favorable. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES – The Solar Engineer's primary responsibilities include design of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal ... Renewable Energy Jobs delivers up to the minute news, reviews, guides and information on green jobs, green collar careers and employment with the renewable energy industry from around the world; as well as topic news on cleantech, ...
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