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Lastes Google Wind Energy News and Commentary by_Green Earl

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Providence Journal
Kostrzewa: To repair economy, RI needs a bold vision
Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA

While Europe has 30 offshore wind farms, there are none in US waters. “It will take a lot” to catch up, he said. “We may be the first in the US if we can ...

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Wind power installations up 29 per cent in 2008
People & the Planet - London,UK

Nearly 400000 people are employed by the wind industry worldwide, though this number could slide in the near term due to project financing difficulties, ...

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Economic Woes Hit White Collar Workers
Free Internet Press - New York,NY,USA

... wind- and solar-power sector offers hope and some jobs, but not nearly enough to keep up with recent losses in manufacturing, real estate and finance. ...

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Hoeven signs economic development legislation
Grand Forks Herald - Grand Forks,ND,USA

An extended Property Tax Reduction and Sales and Use Tax Exemption for wind power, as well as an extended Income Tax Credit for the installation of any ...

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What the North Dakota Legislature did in 2009
Dickinson Press - Dickinson,ND,USA

The home will cost more than $32 million; its financing was spread among three separate bills. (SB2025, SB2075, SB2007) WIND ENERGY: When considering a ...
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Many gains and a big constraint for wind industry | AP | 05/08/2009
It can take five years or more, most of it spent figuring out sticky issues of
finance and location. There are usually dozens of parties involved , the power producers and buyers, and the states, local governments and landowners who all ...

The wind industry wants the Federal Regulatory Commission to have the final say on power lines. Legislation now working its way through Congress would let FERC set locations for high-priority transmission projects if state and local ...

P-com Biz Technology -
Hutchinson News Online

Other "green" provisions in the bill include incentives for consumers to use wind- and solar-powered generators and use of alternative fuels. "Kansas stands to gain thousands of jobs from a renewable energy economy, and the work we've ... Sunflower would sell 78 percent of the new power to two out-of-state electric cooperatives helping to finance the project. They are Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Inc. of Westminster, Colo., and Golden Spread Electric ...

Hutch News -

400 New Green Wind Energy Jobs in Kansas | MyGreen Education and ...
By admin

It is expected that the project once completed will create 400 new green permanent jobs as well as short term construction employment. This new wind turbine productionfacility is to be located in Hutchinson, Kansas and will be a welcome ...

MyGreen Education and Career -

European Tribune - Community, Politics & Progress.
By European Tribune

The project will include updated/uprated versions of the turbines J financed, the REpower 5M (5MW), as well as the first use of the hybrid permanent magnet offshore turbine, the Areva Multibrid M5000. .... The thing that finally convinced me that wind power wasn't some meaningless crap we used to distract the hippies while we planned the next reactor was not statistics or reports or whatever - but a picture where a helicopter hovers next to the turbine housing and is ...

European Tribune -
Half of Scotland power generated from wind farms - Ross McDonald ...
By Ross

500W - Largest off-shore wind project under construction (Greater Gabbard, UK) ■ 30000 jobs - Experts estimate that 4.5 jobs are created per MW of offshore wind ■ 2.8GW - Current clean power generation in Scotland (1.4GW Hydro, ...
Ross McDonald | Banker | Strategist... -

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Kan. Legislature passes bill for power plant
Houston Chronicle - United States

"Now, we've passed a comprehensive energy package that will create jobs and put Kansas at the forefront of renewable energy efforts," Parkinson said. ...

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Editorial: First step toward a balanced energy policy
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA

•Promotes green jobs with grants and worker-retraining programs. Make no mistake, though: The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 isn't the ...

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Gapers Block
Wind Power Ain't Blowin' Smoke
Gapers Block - Chicago,IL,USA

The state's own study shows that renewable energy has great economic potential as well as environmental benefits for Illinois. ...

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Pinko bastion spawns capitalist solution to solar financing
Grist Magazine - Seattle,WA,USA

The market's appetite for green micro bonds remains untested. Though Renewable Funding has yet to sell any bonds on the market, DeVries says the company has ...

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It's time to put the planet before politics
Globe and Mail - Canada

We pledge to all political parties that we are willing to work together to make BC a leader in climate change solutions — including new green jobs and ...

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Beware of Obamanomics by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

The market, in short, is trying to move consumers away from personal finance models based on indebtedness and too much (and/or the wrong kinds of) consumption, and toward more saving and a sustainable level of consumption. To accommodate this shift, .... Cornered by these facts, advocates of green jobs would doubtless retort that encouraging renewable energy sources – however hopeless a project it probably is – is an end in itself, regardless of its effects on employment. ... -

Economy Got You Down? Why Not Start A Solar Energy Business | Earn ...

Starting today in the solar industry does not take large financial investments. A green collar job is available in the alternative energy industry. About the Author: At Solargies, our goal is to spread the use of renewable solar energy ...
Earn Money or Die -

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African American Political Pundit Report: Kentucky Fried Fools?

Negotiated with President Barack Obama's transition team, the plan - a.k.a. Stimulus II or ARRP - is an important first step to halt the downward economic spiral triggered by last fall's financial meltdown. ... is $52 billion for various " green jobs" programs from weatherizing public buildings (see related story) and homes to reduce energy demand, to developing a "smart" electric power grid that is both more reliable and better able to transmit clean, renewable energy. ...
African American Political Pundit Report -

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