Sunday, January 25, 2009

TOP 10 Solar, Wind, Renewable,Alternative, Green Energy Careers, Jobs

Welcome to our blog! Please don't get hung up on the Titles I use on this blog for
the post I put up. Be aware, we are just trying to claw our way to the top of a Google search page somewhere. Since we are a full conservation and solar renewable
energy consultants, career mentors and job coaches, involved in marketing, sales
and installs, while setting up a California chain of like-minded Green Eco-consultants. We are one of the few here in the state, that have already built
such a chain.

Come to and enjoy our last renewable energy web-based, FEDRadio, Financing Energy Developments.


Anonymous said...

your titles do not match the content you provide on your pages. this is misleading. If this is how you run your biz- by misleading customers- no thank you.

American Energy Conservation Group said...

yep that's how we do it. Smile

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