Friday, January 30, 2009

AECG/ Foster City, CA./WS Stallings Dev/St. Louis, Mo. Sign $3-$5 Million Conservation,Solar,Wind Audit/License Agreement


Date Line..SAN FRANCISCO/FOSTER CITY, CA. January 30th. 2009

Al Boek, Founder of American Energy Conservation Group, est. 1981, in
Redding, CA., with offices soon in Foster City,CA. has just entered
into a estimated, $5 Million dollar Right of Entry, Renewable Energy
Audit/License To Operate Agreement, with Strip Center Developer,
W.S. Stallings Dev. of St. Louis, Mo.

AECG, pioneers in Conservation, Solar DHW, Solar PV, Wind, Consultants,
with extensive background in Marketing, Energy Auditing, Planning, Install-
ing, Financing and Operating, (MDU), Multi-Dwelling Units, have several
thousand existing conservation and solar generation projects through-out
California and Hawaii, still operating now, nearly 3 decades, trouble-free.

"These projects and measures have saved Californian customer many hundreds-
of thousands of dollars and have stood the test of time, few companies in
the California market have a record like ours." commented Mr. Boek from
from his Northern California offices.

"As early is 1981 we were telling our customers we would one day be trading
American blood for oil, sadly we were correct." "Through our efforts and
the efforts of our patriot customers, who took conservation and solar measures
before GREEN was in fashion, we have saved America thousands of barrels of
oil, therms of Natural Gas and Watts of electricity. We have taken action
and responsibility for our carbon footprints, our families energy use, our
local, state and national economies and did the right thing for our planet,
our children and our children's children." _ Al Boek

Al Boek is a nearly 30 year pioneer in conservation and solar energy generation. and a radio talk show host, hosting a weekly alternative
energy show, called FED Radio, Funding Energy Developments, airing on BlogTalk
every Thursday at 1 PM, PST. He is a licensed real estate lending agent in
good standing, in the State of California for US Home Funding of Aniheim, CA., with renewable energy funding back-
ground going back to 1981. He has successfully funded multi-millions of dollars
worth of renewable and alternative energy measures and projects, and is currently
involved in leasing renewable energy equipment nationwide:, He is the founder and creator
of several Political and Energy Groups, using the name yeswecansolveit, now with
over 11,000 links on Google. He is the founder of:, also My Barack Obama site:, and the Picken' Plan site: is affiliated with the
San Francisco, New York based energy consultant group:

Contact Information:

Al Boek, Founder
AECG, Producing NegaWatts...Since 1981

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