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Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

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From a Common-Sense Standpoint, Green Energy Makes a Lot of Sense
istockAnalyst.com (press release)

_Green energy will create jobs and economic development. You'll need tons of workers to build wind farms, install solar panels, insulate homes and factories ...
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Kresge Foundation Awards $43.7 Million to Those Hardest Hit by Economic Crisis

... Detroit Inc. $75000 MINNESOTA Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota St. Paul $100000 Scholarship America, Inc. - Minneapolis Minneapolis $1500000 Wind on ...
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Tassie beats WA economy: CommSec
WA Business News (subscription)

... is Western Australia, its unemployment rate lifting from sensational lows over the past year with the global recession and wind-back in mining activity. ...
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The Progressive Economics Forum » Saskatchewan‚Äôs Electricity Future
By Erin Weir

The existing power system was adequate for Saskatchewan’s then-docile economy and the provincial government was unwilling to borrow to finance investments. Over the past decade, SaskPower has met growing electricity demand from sources other than coal. .... Small, run-of-the-river hydro projects should also be pursued. However, these would not generate as many megawatts and would not provide reservoir capacity to complement intermittent wind power. ...

The Progressive Economics Forum - http://www.progressive-economics.ca/

10-12-09 NAFB's National Ag News as heard inside the BARN's ...
By Brian Allmer

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the approval of a 17.4-million dollar loan to Greensburg Wind Farm, Greensburg, Kansas. The financing will help support a 10 wind turbine project that will supply power to the community of Greensburg. ... Secretary Vilsack said – this project will not only enhance our country's long-term energy security by producing clean, renewable energy, but also create green jobs and generate income in the local community. ...

BARN OnAir & OnLine 24/7/365 - http://brianallmerradionetwork.wordpress.com/

Renewable Energy Agency ties up with German bank
By Ians

... Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA). Releasing "Indian Wind Energy Outlook 2009" here Wednesday evening, Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah said it was his dream to see windmills all over India the way one would see them in Europe. ... June 19th, 2009 CHENNAI - New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah Friday said his department would request the finance ministry to continue with existing incentive schemes for renewable power projects. ...

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Pattern Energy gets financing for Hatchet Ridge wind farm in ...
By vladimir

California based Pattern Energy Group has successfully obtained all the needed financing and has begun construction on the Hatchet Ridge wind farm in California. The wind farm is to have 101.2 MW of installed capacity once completed. ... The new wind farm project will generate 100-200 construction jobs over the next year, while there will be 6-8 permanent jobs once the project is completed. [via: CleanTech Brief]. This website uses IntenseDebate comments, but they are not ...

Renewbl - renewable energy blog - http://www.renewbl.com/

ThinkOrSwim (the Climatechange.ie Blog) » Blog Archive » A fair ...
By John Gibbons

NOW pointed to an Ind
econ report on offshore wind energy as offering an economic benefit to Ireland of up to 3.8bn euro from developing a 1000 MW project in Irish waters. This is in a combination of job creation, reduced import of fossil fuels, ... Right here, right now, a massive and sustained investment in wind energy, supported by an enhanced grid and an array of new interconnectors is available, assuming we can get EU assistance to finance the heavy upfront costs. ...

ThinkOrSwim (the Climatechange.ie Blog) - http://www.thinkorswim.ie/

W. Dan Chance

Check out 'New Method for Realizing Hydrogen Potential'
Researchers are looking for safe way to store hydrogen as fuel and having some success.
New Method for Realizing Hydrogen Potential


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Solar Decathlon solar house competition heats up
Gizmag - Victoria,Australia

Solar heat absorbed by the Cor-Ten steel siding on the southwest side of the house ... Using an electric actuator, the entire PV array can be tilted to the ...

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Breakthrough for S.D.E Company: A Memorandum of Understanding, for ...
By Prne

The system S.D.E offers produces renewable and clean energy - the perfect alternative solution. The company has developed a power-plant that produces electricity from sea waves. Sea waves have potential for even greater energy - 4 times more per .... January 12th, 2009 AHMEDABAD - Astonfield Renewable Resources Ltd (ARRL) will execute a mega 200 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project across Gujarat. The venture is touted as the largest renewable energy project in India. ...

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Eight innovative solar projects - 4029th Edition | My Low Carbon Home
By admin

Designed byConergydistributorHigh Noon Solar, the carport features a dual-purpose solar solution that generously produces clean electricity while offering a convenient place to park and store vehicles and farm equipment. ... Prout's quest to be among the first solar powered funeral homes began in earnest in 2004, when he heard New Jersey was entering into a clean energy program. By 2005, he had 114 roof-mounted PV panels (17.4 kW) saving him $600 and $800 a month on his ...

My Low Carbon Home - http://www.mylowcarbonhome.com/

Optimism, reality duel at Solar Plaza demand conference - blog ...
By Johan Trip

As an example of successful foreign investment, he noted, the Dunhuang PV Power station project went to the lowest bidder: a foreign competitor who worked successfully with a local partner (Best Solar and LDK). ...

blog - http://www.globaldemandconference.com/blog

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Electromagnetic Induction And Photovoltaic Solar Energy | Solar ...

When it comes to solar power the photovoltaic technology is the most ... only few were able to afford its price and maintenance This PV solar panel is known ...

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Schwarzenegger Calls Session To Discuss Water Deal
CBS 13

AB 1031 by Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley) - Renewable energy resources. AB 1052 by Assemblymember Anna Caballero (D-Salinas) ...
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The Brattle Group Estimates Additional euro 53 Billion in Savings ...
By Prne

The Brattle Group provides consulting services and expert testimony in economics and finance to corporations, law firms, and public agencies worldwide. Areas of expertise include antitrust and competition, valuation and damages, ..... #jobs .

http://www.eco.org/career/39064; _paulagreen The US Chamber of Commerce is feeling the heat: The very public departures of three utilities -- San Francisco-.. http://bit.ly/nOBJU; prem1on New software: ABC Amber CHM Converter v. ...

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The Apollo Alliance is “a coalition of labor, business, environmental, and community leaders” that seeks to advance a green energy economy that will produce “a new generation of high-quality, green-collar jobs. ..... They either have their careers well-established (with tenure) or have reached financial independence (retirement) and so can afford to call it like they see it. In general, seniors in society today are not remotely as helpful to younger people as they once ...

GREENIE WATCH - http://antigreen.blogspot.com/

Follow the Green Money: DoE Provides Loan Guarantees for Renewable ...
By admin

best-career-guide.com - Job related news Mashed with related videos, images, tweets and digg stories! ... Follow the Green Money: DoE Provides Loan Guarantees for Renewable Energy, Blue Lake Power Receives $10.5 for Biomass Power Generator, Anchates Power Secures $12.1 Million for Clean Diesel Engine. October 12th, 2009 admin · Share/Save/Bookmark · Add To Delicious · Digg This post · Stumble this post · Fave on Technorati · Subscribe · Tweet This. Topics: green business ...

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Monday Newspaper Review - Irish Business News and International ...
FinFacts Ireland - Ireland

Green junior minister Trevor Sargent's name continues to be linked with the job in political circles, although Fianna Fail TD Seamus Kirk remains the ...

Annual Report being sent to Shareholders
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia

Risk Management and Risk Profile for work, leave, travel, training etc. These auditor and the rotation of external audit Considerable importance is placed ...

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YouTube - Energy Auditors Training | http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com
Oct 10, 2009 ... http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com offers energy auditors training .... Energy Services and Technology Program, Lakes Region Community College ...

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How to land your dream GREEN job in 45 days - Green Careers/ Green Jobs
Taught by an Eco-Consultant who has interviewed more than 1000 people over a 15+ year career, this Program will give you the tools to get your dream GREEN ...

If you are passionate about finding a green job than join us for this Program. Taught by an Eco-Consultant who has interviewed more than 1000 people over a 15+ year career, this Program will give you the tools to get your dream GREEN job (even in this economy). There are secrets to finding jobs and definitive ways to get into to see the right person. We’ll cover:

1. How a sweatshirt can get the CEO of your dream employer to meet with you.

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If you are one of the first 100 people to sign up for this Program I will personally review your resume and give you 3-4 suggestions and improvements to make to greatly enhance your chances.
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Breakthrough Senate climate partnership: Graham (R-SC) and Kerry ...
By Joe

We are also convinced that we have found both a framework for climate legislation to pass Congress and the blueprint for a clean-energy future that will revitalize our economy, protect current jobs and create new ones, safeguard our .... So far, the DOE is following suit by giving billions to coal research, and very little to wind and solar – a position also taken by Wall Street financiers invested in coal, rail and utilities as well as by global oil futures traders ...

Climate Progress - http://climateprogress.org/

Plan to shift businesses away from coal, fossil fuel stirs Rust ...
By H. Josef Hebert

Brown's answers: push for more clean energy jobs — think wind turbines and solar panels — and make sure any bill helps offset energy price spikes and doesn't cause a plant to shut down, open shop in China and release even more carbon .... October 6th, 2009 NEW DELHI - The government should encourage small scale solar energy projects in rural areas along with the big ticket projects if it wants to meet the ambitious target of generating 20000 MW solar power by 2020, ...

Breaking News - http://blog.taragana.com/n/

Solar Expansion Highlights Week in Green Investing
By SustainableBusiness

The new program will attempt to lure private sector participation to accelerate the financing for tried-and-true wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydro power. DOE said the program could leverage between $4 to $8 billion dollars in lending. ... A timeline was not given for the project, and planned production capacity was not announced. But, Granholm said the facility is expected to create 500 new jobs over the next five years. Just last month, Suniva announced plans to ...

Features - http://featured.matternetwork.com/

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What is a Solar Fabrication Technician | forensic nursing
By roychong

Solar Fabrication Technicians are essentially construction workers. While Photovoltaic (PV) Fabrication Technicians assemble solar cells together into solar. ... residential. Solar Fabrication Technicians build multiple large, freestanding metal solar arrays for power companies to produce a lot of electricity. They do not install solar panels in the roofs of residential homes, that is a different job altogether. The main difference is that residential solar panel ...

forensic nursing - http://www.discoverforensicnursing.com/

The Right Climate for Green Energy in Mozambique « African Press ...
By africanpress

The report details the nation's potential for solar, wind, small-scale hydro, and biomass. It describes key energy efficiency measures that could help Mozambique reduce its energy load going forward. And it describes steps needed to ... A leader in development and execution of PV projects in Africa, he has worked with renewable projects for the private sector, UN, the World Bank, USAID, the GEF, and others. He is the author of the book “Solar Electric Systems for Africa.” ...

African Press International (API) - http://africanpress.wordpress.com/

Green Energy Roles Boost Solar Education. « Earth 4 Energy
By jksims

Since then the clean energy is growing day by day. On the other hand the solar panels can be mounted on any place so long as it becomes direct sun light. Thats why the solar power is more well-liked then wind energy. These products help decreases the carbon footprint and the environment too. Revolutionary findings in the domain of solar electricity were few and far between till 1953 when Bell Laboratories ( now ATT ) discovered the rudimentary photovoltaic cell ( PV ). ...

Earth 4 Energy - http://theearth4energy.wordpress.com/

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How to go from shovel ready to people ready in a green job market ...
By stopglobalwarming

But, behind the scenes, business and government leaders are grappling with the problems of being “people ready” for the millions of green jobs that will be created through the investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency. ... that momentum for green energy has been building for several years. After almost thirty years of debating the issues, government, business, financial and environmental experts agree that the conversion to sustainable energy is a necessity. ...

Stop Global Warming - http://stopglobalwarmingtogether.com/

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Clean Air Business Award Recognizes Federico Beauty Institute ...
By Philip Harman

Sacramento, CA (PRWeb) May 7, 2008 — The beauty of improving air quality is that every person, and every business, can make an effective difference. Gary Federico understands that and is the 2008 Business Clean Air Champion for maximizing ... The heating and air conditioning system is also managed by a control system to ensure optimum efficiency. Federico Beauty Institute's use of solar power will reduce CO2 emissions by 165643 pounds, or remove the equivalent of about 14 ...

Philip Harman's Business Journey... - http://videos4you.com/blog/

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By Agustín

The long-awaited "smart grid" for U.S. power could play a major role in rolling out renewable energy like wind and solar, the top U.S. power regulator said. SACRAMENTO, U.S. october, 10, 2009.- Demand response, the heart of the "smart ... Tiny, highly efficient 'fuel cell' generators could provide electricity and hot water for a house or building, he added. "Combinations of stationary storage, mobile storage like vehicles, demand response and distributed generation like ...

Planeta Azul - http://www.planetaazul.com.mx/www/

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Online Energy Audit Training – Cool Green Jobs
By eddie

The Home Energy Team Institute (http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com) offers online energy audit training to become a certified home energy auditor. Our online energy auditor courses allow you to study for your energy auditor training from your own home, ... If you are looking to start a new career as a home energy auditor, do home energy audits as a second job, or add home energy audits to your services as a remodeler, home inspector or other home improvement contractor, ...

Cool Green Jobs - http://cool-green-jobs.com/

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Energy Audit Training Classes httpCoolGreenJobscom AOL Video

httpCoolGreenJobscom Energy Audit Training Classes Visit ... customers as well as general home inspection services With the government tax credits being ...
YouTube Online Energy Audit Training | httpCoolGreenJobscom
httpCoolGreenJobscom | Online Energy Audit Training The Home Energy Team ... energy audits as a second job or add home energy audits to your services as a ...

How to Energy Audit – Cool Green Jobs

As a graduate of the Home Energy Team Institute's energy auditor training course you will be certified by RESNETResidential Energy Services Network – an ...
Dailymotion - Energy Auditors Course | http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com ...

Oct 10, 2009 ... http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com | Energy Auditors Course Visit ... you will be certified by both RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) and BPI ... The energy auditors training courses include RESNET Level 1 HESP ...

Energy Audit Training Courses | http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com on ...

http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com | Energy Audit Training Courses The Home Energy ... Mail; More Yahoo Services .... Services. Tell us what you think about Yahoo! ...

Energy Audit Training Courses | http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com Video ...

Oct 10, 2009 ... http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com | Energy Audit Training Courses The Home Energy Team Institute (http://Cool-Green-Jobs.com) offers energy audit ...

2009-10-11 02:41:35.0
News, Solar, Wind, Green, Renewable Energy, By 30 year ... - Earl Allen Boek/ Al Boek
Trackle me on blogs: Green Earl, yeswecansolveit.blogspot.com, Earl Allen Boek/ Al Boek 2009-10-09 02:41:34.0 Latest Energy Auditor, Green Career, Solar & Wind, Conservation ... - Earl Allen Boek/ Al Boek To: Earl Allen Boek Linkedin ...

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There's no such thing as free trade
Toronto Star

If provinces agree not to favor local firms when financing, for example, wind turbines, then state governments will reciprocate when they are in the market ...
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www.windaction.org | Highland Plantation residents learn more ...
By Industrial Wind Action Group

Issues discussed Thursday night included wind subsidies; jobs; threatened and endangered species such as the northern bog lemming, a salamander, Bicknell's Thrush and the Roaring Brook mayfly; bald eagles; project financing; ...

www.windaction.org | Latest Posts Feed - http://www.windaction.org/

The Oil Drum | Drumbeat: October 10, 2009
By Leanan

For wind farms, the current code allows the write-offs over 3.5 years, a real boon for investors in wind mill projects. In fact, many such projects depend on this tax advantage to secure financing, especially since the right to take ...
The Oil Drum - Discussions about... - http://www.theoildrum.com/frontpage

In sunny southwestern Colorado, natural gas industry feels burned ...
By Dina Cappiello

In ads in major publications in 32 states, the group has pressed the case that natural gas is a cleaner-burning alternative to coal and can help bridge the transition from fossil fuels to pollution-free sources such as wind and solar. ..... Taxes pay for our government: military, police, etc. Realfunmaza Government Denies Hike in CNG Rates; ProjMgrJobsDC Hiring a Technical Project Manager at Government Works (Alexandria, VA) http://bit.ly/14bqvG #jobs #shjobs ...

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