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Major Solar Company Could Help Fremont Economy

 Environment & The Green Beat

It could be a sign that economic activity is once again on a roll in the Bay Area.

Solyndra, a major solar power company just broke ground on a massive solar power manufacturing plant in Fremont.

Now, the company has signed a lease to rent a 506,000 square foot building in Fremont, the biggest lease so far this year in the Bay Area.

Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman said he hopes the expansion will replace jobs that are being lost when the NUMMI plant closes next year.

"With NUMMI closing, that of course was a terrible blow for Fremont. This is a rebirth," Wasserman said. "It's going to employ a lot of people, not quite as many as NUMMI, but a lot of people and it will grow."

The total value of the 12-month lease is expected to exceed $45 million and the project could create as many as 500 jobs.

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On Thu, 10/29/09, Al Gore, Repower America wrote:

From: Al Gore, Repower America
Subject: Meet me at the Wall
To: "Charles Vismeg" , Green Earl
Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009, 2:05 PM

Dear Green Earl,

When a clean energy economy finally becomes a reality in America, people will look back to the day that together, you and I launched The Repower America Wall.

The Wall is a place where literally thousands and thousands of people committed to a revolutionary new energy future for our nation and the world are coming together -- to express our hopes, share our resolve, and step up to a leadership role in building a grassroots movement for change like nothing America has ever seen. It's an opportunity for you to be part of the climate movement in a new way, in a way that takes us beyond ourselves.

By asking people from all over the country to share their thoughts and images on the Wall, we are fueling a campaign that brings together the power of national media with the strength and connection of on-the-ground organizing in a way that no one has ever done before. Your voice, and the voices of your friends, neighbors and colleagues, will become the language of our campaign on TV, in print, on billboards, online, and in brand new ways that you will help us invent as we create the Wall.

We know that the political will to transition America to a clean energy economy already exists. You are part of it. But now we must make sure our leaders know it too. The Wall will become our collective voice and thus transform the debate into action.

It's an ambitious strategy -- and it has to be.

Nothing short of every one of us joined together is needed to overcome the resistance of the powerful special interests blocking our path to a clean energy future, settling for the dangerous status quo.

But the time for politics is over. We have the power to force change in America.

Together, you and I will use the Wall as the foundation for all of our activism in the days and weeks ahead.

But first, I need you to meet me at the Wall.

Share your voice on The Repower America Wall right now.

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The Wall is a revolutionary approach to standing up for what we believe in -- for what our country needs. It combines the power of your voice with the force of a multi-media campaign, to build a collective call for change so loud it's undeniable.  

The messages you and many thousands of others leave at the Wall are the tidal wave that will break on Washington, and put us on the path to victory.

Our grassroots organizers in the states will use the Wall -- your Wall -- as proof that all of our friends and neighbors are as committed to clean energy as we are -- that we are joined together in this commitment.

Content shared on the Wall will be used to create ads and other forms of communication that will go directly to your elected officials so that everywhere they look they will see the very people they represent, their constituents, calling for action now on clean energy -- in the local newspaper, on television, on billboards, on the radio, and on important local and national websites. There will be no place to hide. The Wall will be everywhere.

When our opponents throw roadblocks in our way, we'll gather at the Wall to fight back.  

And when key decisions are at hand, we'll light up the Wall to let politicians who side with powerful interests against clean energy do so at their own peril.

The time to demand a clean energy future for America is now. But we must stand together. Unless we do everything in our power to make our voices heard, the change we seek will not happen.

Stand up and be a part of the generation that makes future generations proud -- join the movement and share your voice on The Repower America Wall today.

This is just the beginning. Next week we will take this campaign to the airwaves with new Repower America national television ads featuring real messages from the Wall. By acting now to share your own personal message on the Repower America Wall, you can insure that you were there at the start.

What you and I do today will determine everything about our country's future and the world our children will inherit. The time for action is right now and the cause deserves your best efforts.

If you want to win and insure our clean energy future, I'll see you at the Wall.

Together we can make this happen.

Thank you,

Al Gore

Paid for by the Alliance for Climate Protection


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The Kentucky Public Service Commission is reviewing wind energy contracts by Kentucky Utilities (KU) and Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) to buy power from ...
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“West Coast startups have the wind at their back,” said entrepreneur-in-residence at First Round Capital Charlie O'Donnell. “Here, you're just another ...
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Placer Gold (PGCR) Partners Up in Major Green Energy Wind Projects ...
By Johnny Vibes
The project's capital cost is estimated at 1/4 that of a nuclear, coal or conventional wind plant. The wind-fuel is free and forever. FINANCING: 30% of the capital cost of wind projects is currently available as a government grant. ...
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Google energy head: $15 Billion a year “essential” | The Phoenix Sun
By The Phoenix Sun
We feel strongly that each step along the way needs significant policy support – both push and pull mechanisms – from increased R&D funding and project finance to a better electric grid and aggressive clean energy standards. .... And a bigger grid will allow us to tap our nation's vast clean energy resources – wind in the midwest, solar in the southwest, geothermal in the west and gulf coast, biomass in the southeast – and deliver them where needed. ...
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Chinese commercial banks to fund $1.5B for 600 megawatt wind farm ...
By Dirk Lammers
Shenyang, a diverse manufacturing city with companies in the aviation, automobile and heavy equipment industries, has been working on entering the U.S. market for a long time and the wind farm project “was just meant to be,” Yazhou said. .... offshorelawfirm Jersey Finance Opens Greater China Office: Isle News, 26 October 2009 Jersey Finance has opened an office in ..; DowJonesIndexes Dow Jones Indexes Launches Dow Jones Islamic Market Greater China ...
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Stabroek News - DDL launches US$9M bottling plant
By Stabroek staff
These projects offers new technology, enhanced efficiency, cost reduction and allows them to achieve tighter specification. DDL boarders the open cane fields at Diamond and I would like to see a wind turbine project to provide some of ...
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The future of controllable load - how could demand-side participation options play out? a. dynamic demand by appliances b. utility control / influence of load c. ToU tariffs d. Smart homes
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Hey JaneAnne:

Me too: 
I will support President Obama as he finds a way to turn Iraq and Afghanistan over to the citizens of those two countries.

From: JaneAnne Jeffries
Sent: Thu, October 29, 2009 11:27:19 AM
Subject: [YESWECANSOLVEIT] Re: Dover

This a.m. at 1:20, Dan Ellsberg was on C-SPAN, talking about the Pentagon Papers case and comparing today in Afghanistan to Vietnam. He was complimenting Hoh, the Marine who resigned because the people are fighting our presence.

I will support President Obama as he finds a way to turn Iraq and Afghanistan over to the citizens of those two countries. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc., bankrupted our country and sacrificed too many American, Iraqi and Afghani lives.

On Oct 29, 2009, at 10:09 AM, sheri wrote:

Last night the president went to Dover- 15 soldiers and 3 DEA agents were brought home from the war in Afghanistan.  President Obama met with the families of the fallen for two hours, he then proceeded to t ake part in the 18 transfers.  The last one was allowed to be video-taped by the family.

And no George Bush - the man who caused  these wars and sent these soldiers to die never attended one of these Dover transfers in the seven years of these wars.

Our country needs to see these.  Please share them.
Thank you

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City Journal .
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Kotkin pointed out recently that California's achievement of creating 10000 green jobs annually has been overwhelmed by the loss of 700000 jobs in the state ...

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Off-Grid.Net » China curbs solar boom - Off-Grid – life unplugged ...
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His picture was on the cover of the US newsmagazine Time just six years after the photovoltaic and renewable energy expert graduated from the University of New South Wales and began his new career in the country of his birth. ... Through the “Golden Sun” program, the National Energy Administration and ministries of Finance, Science and Technology are offering to subsidize half of the construction and connection costs of on-grid solar power plants and 70 percent of the ...
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Breaking: Toshiba tells San Antonio its new twin $13 billion nukes ...
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The estimated cost of two new nuclear reactors proposed by CPS Energy has gone up as much as $4 billion, prompting the City Council to postpone Thursday's vote on the project's financing until January. ..... For instance, for about $500 Million — about the same amount CPS is spending just on nuclear project paperwork – CPS could firm up with storage about 1000 MW of wind farms it will already own, to provide about 500 MW of dispatchable peak load capacity from wind. ...
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Western lawmakers find little consensus at energy symposium in ...
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... says wind projects in Pennsylvania, Wyoming now online. October 1st, 2009 2 Duke Energy wind projects now runningCHARLOTTE, N.C. — Power company Duke Energy said Thursday that wind power projects in Wyoming and Pennsylvania are now up and running. .... tmj_bos_sales Guardian Industries is Hiring: Outside Sales - Lakeville (Boston, MA) #Jobs #TweetMyJOBS; constjobshoots Coachmen Industries Secures Financing, Contracts for New Major Construction . ...
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Stimulus Spending will Benefit GWSC :
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WUXI, China, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ — China Wind Systems, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CHWY; "China Wind Systems" or the "Company"), a leading supplier of forged products and industrial equipment to the wind power and other ... Consumer confidence slides in October as more Americans worry about jobs and salaries. CHICAGO (AP) — Consumers' confidence about the U.S. economy fell unexpectedly in October as job prospects remained bleak, a private research group said ... -
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Senior Analyst - WIND FARMS Project Finance, UK-London
Finance jobs, banking jobs, recruitment in investment banking & in the financial markets.
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Orion Energy Systems, Inc. F2Q10 (Qtr End 09/30/09) Earnings Call ...
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The course is focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency while teaching theory and providing hands-on lab procedures in: * Wind energy; * Solar power; * Power grids; * Wind and solar combination power systems; ... Their future projects will include generating electricity using photovoltaic panel systems and creating hydrogen with an electrolyzer (fuel cells). “GreenSTEM helps students learn and apply 21st century skills, but it also reinforces the soft skills that ...
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Secretary Chu's Befuddled Economics |
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Germany subsidizes solar photovoltaics (PVs) at a rate of 59¢ per kWh. That is “more than eight times higher than the wholesale electricity price at the power exchange and more than four times the feed-in tariff [subsidy] paid for ... “ Hence, the cost from emission reductions as determined by the market is about 53 times cheaper than employing PV and 4 times cheaper than using wind power.” Germany's “increased use of renewable energy technologies generally attains no ... -
FPL Group Announces 2009 Q3 Earnings - Nuclear Power Industry News
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Today, FPL is putting into service the 25 megawatt DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center, the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in the country. President Barack Obama is scheduled to attend the commissioning. The DeSoto plant will produce enough electricity to serve approximately 3000 homes, or nearly 20 percent of DeSoto County. Along with solar energy plants that FPL is building in other parts of the state, the company expects to have 110 megawatts of ...
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Although it certainly creates a huge difference between comfortable living and financial difficulty, an environmental degree is, in short and simple terms, a pathway to having a stable job, or creating a career. ... It's hard to ignore, but the facts concerning the industries that focus on renewable energy all point towards a pressing need for individuals that have Green degrees (or at least have an education that's higher than the standards). It's estimated that around ...
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July 30th, 2009 Australian PM vows to create 50000 'green' jobsSYDNEY — Australia's prime minister promised Thursday to create 50000 "green" jobs and apprenticeships to combat climate change and unemployment simultaneously. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has prioritized ... June 2nd, 2009 BRUSSELS - The renewable energy sector is expected to create an additional 410000 jobs in the European Union (EU) by 2020, according to a European Commission report released Tuesday. ...
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nuance intelligence » Blog Archive » Sustainable Economic ...
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Cleantech Business Cluster: Encouragement of a cluster of businesses offering green products and services, such as energy, water, and/or resource efficiency; renewable energy; alternative transportation; and pollution/waste prevention and recycling. ... Green Jobs: Launch or strengthening of a system for green job development with green skills training training, career pathways, and green entrepreneurship to provide the workforce needed by green and clean tech businesses. ...
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Background on the Partnership Between Delaware and the White House ...
By whytewolf
SBA Pilot Program for Auto and Other Vehicle Dealers: On May 28, Administrator Mills and Dr. Montgomery announced a new SBA pilot program to offer government guaranteed loans to finance inventory for eligible auto, recreational vehicle, ... $50 Million Green Jobs Training Program for Auto Communities: The Recovery Act provides the Department of Labor with $500 million in new funding to prepare workers for careers in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors. ...
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Now, it is a new day and foreign oil will be relegated to second- and third-rate status, once America realizes the benefits of renewable energy, jobs and clean air !! Former President Carter and President Obama have much in common, ... It takes more polluting energy to create green technology and transport all the parts around the world. It would not reduce the cost of energy, it would only change who was paid for it. Most people, especially in a financial crisis will not ...
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