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Redding Electric Utility Manager Claims PG&E's Rate Tables "Mislead" Readers_Green Earl

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Letter To Editor, July 27th. 2009

PG&E Rates Understated_ Paul Hauser,
Director of Redding Electric Utility

Wednesday's front page story about PG&E's impending rate increase contained a table that may have misled readers about PG&E's electric rates compared with those of Redding Electric Utility. Comparing PG&E's "average monthly electric bill" of $76.67 per month with REU's average of $97.51 ignores the fact that PG&E's average customer bill is skewed by large numbers of San Francisco Bay area customers who do not use air-conditioning. That $76.67 will only buy you 545 kilowatt-hours from PG&E, while the same dollar amount would purchase 640 kWh from REU.

REU's average household usage is 850 kWh per month. For that amount of electricity, REU customers pay $97.51, compared with $138.08 PG&E customers would pay after the proposed $16.50 monthly rate increase.

REU's electric rates save our customers more than $40 million per year compared with PG&E's rates.

Paul Hauser

* July 26, 2009
* 11:50 p.m.
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PeeBee writes:

Mr. Paul Hauser -

Thank you so much for setting the record straight. your best value, no doubt, is the well run and well managed REU Department. There is zero doubt if we all became PG & E customers, our rates would skyrocket. REU does a good job at making sure all Redding citizens are treated fairly, with integrity and honesty.

Also, PG & E may not have the new, accurate meters installed, which truly reflect a customers actual usage must better than old and outdated technology.

Keep up the good work here in Redding. A LOCAL utility with LOCAL people who live here, and not a Sacramento company or opinion. (PG&E Is Headquartered in SF..Has been for decades)

* July 27, 2009
* 12:25 a.m.
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flutterby writes:

Back the trolley up.

Mr. Hauser's letter states, "REU's average household usage is 850 kWh per month. For that amount of electricity, REU customers pay $97.51, compared with $138.08 PG&E customers would pay after the proposed $16.50 monthly rate increase."

1. Where are the figures for REU rates AFTER the increases (in plural) that are coming for the next several years?

2. Why bring up the Bay Area usage of "no air conditioners"? City of Redding citizens are comparing REU rates in this area to PG&E rates in this area. You know, apples to apples!

I found this letter to be more than slight-of-hand and another attempt to play word games with the public.

* July 27, 2009
* 4:26 a.m.
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citizenactivist writes:

in response to PeeBee:

Mr. Paul Hauser -

Understand Mr. Paul Hauser, PEE BEE has issues and considers herself the mouthpiece for the establishment. She is far from it.

Having lived in the real take on your management of REU and policies is just about 180 degrees.

You sir, with about six months on the job, can hardly take much credit for any positive result in rates comparing PG&E and REU.

The fact that you continue to use this blood-sucking, cheating and stealing utility as REU's benchmark is of great concern to me.

But since you have, so will I. PG&E has oversight by the PUC and is forced by mandate to be transparent regarding projects that have long term affect on the population in it's energy delivery territories.

You Sir Are Out Of Control.

Your involvement with TANC, your backroom deals in the millions and lack of interest in providing a transparent utility with any degree of public oversight is of greater concern.

Your failure at looking toward conservation and other forms of renewable energy first, when making energy plans of the city of Redding, all put into doubt your future here in the north state at your current position._Green Earl

* July 27, 2009
* 5:30 a.m.
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Patrecia_Barrett writes:

REU Director Paul Hauser's letter is disingenuous in the extreme.

A large percentage of REU customers pay HIGHER rates than they would under PG&E and other utility companies (including other municipal-owned utilities) because these companies reward conservatism. It is only REU's high-usage customers that receive lower rates.

There is an outstanding article on titled "REU has a policy of charging excessive rates to its low-use customers", complete with rate comparisions between REU and PG&E. = shows = free fire radio = Listener's views

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

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