Friday, July 31, 2009

Need A Green Loan? Working Capital To Get Your Business Off The Ground?_Green Earl


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Opportunity Fund: We're More than a Lender

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Are you a home-based or small commercial business owner?
Are you financially stable but still hear "no" from banks?
Are you looking for a lender who will advise you?

Opportunity Fund provides small business loans to low-income entrepreneurs who cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan. We lend on your merit, not just your credit. We reward you for your business knowledge and financial management, even on limited means.

The Client Experience
Our client experience provides personalized attention, business consulting, and financial advice. We understand that business and personal financial decisions are intertwined We will help you strengthen your business plan, improve your credit, and prepare you to become bankable in the future.

Small Business Loans
♦ Loan Amounts from $1,000-$10,000 (larger loans up to $200,000 available by exception for
clients with existing businesses, good credit, and collateral)
♦ Fixed Interest Rates from 8% to Prime + 5%
♦ Loan Fees of 3% or less, never up front
♦ Loan Terms of 1-7 years
♦ Little or no collateral requirements
♦ A simple repayment process

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American Energy Conservation Group said...

Click on the title of this post for loan info_Global Earl

Blogger said...

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