Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Energy Auditors Needed In California Now..PG&E Territories, Shasta South To Kern Counties

We will use and support you, anywhere in the nation,
once your trained.

Click on the link above to start your new Green Career.

NO, this is not
a employment scam.

We need at least 10 energy auditors trained right now
in the Sacramento Valley, Shasta County, South To Kern
County to perform MDU, Multi-Dwelling Units, Your train-
ing above and our experience will insure your success.

Whereever you live in the nation, check on your state,
and utility rebate programs for conservation and solar
and wind generation. The Federal credits are 30% and the
Obama stimulus plan will soon fund cash rebates instead
of making our customers wait for their dollar for dollar
tax credits, as once done in the past. (We're being told
by our suppliers)

We have L.E.E.D. Certified Project Planning, Exclusive
products (three-times more energy than our competitors) Lease
Financing, Nationwide and Nationwide Distributor Supply. Lead
Development Programs, Support, Right of Entry/Audit Agreements,
Solar Air conditioning, Solar Blinds, Solar Hot Water, Laundry,
Spa and Pool and Space Heating along with Solar PV.

Some investment opportunities still available also in your areas?
$5,000 Min, but investment not required for you to earn stellar
incomes. No Blue Sky. First year in business, in small Northern
CA. town we did $500K gross at about 25% pre-tax profit.

Get Trained Now Then Call Me at:

American Energy Conservation Group
Founder, Green Earl
Still Producing Negawatts...Since 1981

We have 100's of conservation and solar generation projects
still saving energy nearly 29 years years, trouble-free, throughout
the state. Pioneer in solar lease.

Green Earl

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