Thursday, April 16, 2009

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By American Energy Conservation Group

Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance. Absent Teacher - the age-old question. By absent_teacher. If doubling the cost of gas gives drivers an environmentally valuable incentive to drive ...
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Renewable Energy Jobs - Global Green Energy Jobs & Careers
Renewable energy jobs in more than 25 countries worldwide. Hundreds of green energy jobs across solar power, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal, wave & tidal power, biomass and biofuels and many other sources of renewable energy. ... Establish goal planning for administration, implementation, financial security, insurance and training * Lead projects across industrial, commercial and institutional segments * Demonstrate an expert level of knowledge with regard to ...
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Capitol Notepad: April 15, 2009 | Politics in Minnesota
By Staff

Energy Finance and Policy Division is hearing about technology accessibility standards and a rate schedule for renewable energy projects (HF 932). Senate side: Finance is hearing about greenhouse gas reduction, federal stimulus energy ... Taxes is hearing about oriented strand board facilities, venture capital, green job zones, and income tax credit for rehabbing historic structures. Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Budget Division is hearing their omnibus bill. ...
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Weathering the Storm: Black Men in the Recession By Alexandra Cawthorne

The UIMA provides $7 billion in financial incentives for states to close the major gaps in the unemployment program that deny benefits to many working families. Policymakers should also ensure that unemployment benefits can continue while workers are in appropriate education and ... Many jobs in the renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and green building fields are middle-skill jobs that require more than a high-school education but less than a four-year degree. ...
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Dow Jones Financial Information Services
By Clean Technology Insight
Dow Jones Clean Technology Insight is a daily e-newsletter covering public and private companies in the areas of alternative energy, 'green' consumer products, water remediation and other clean technology sectors. .... The U.K. government should give direct financial support to companies that want to build offshore wind farms or it will run the risk of missing its renewable energy targets, a report from a think tank close to the U.K.'s ruling Labour Party . ...
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Shakin’ all over: Move over world, the solar leader may soon be ...
PV Tech - London,England,UK

Speaking of photovoltaic patriots, Spire's Roger Little, labeled the "fittest man in solar" by one quipster referring to the exec's Ironman competitive ...
West Chester Medical Centere
Tennessee Corporate Moves
Business Facilities - USA

Wacker has manufactured polysilicon for more than 50 years and has steadily expanded its capacity to meet rising solar-silicon demand in the photovoltaic ...

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Solar Training: AEE Solar Training In The USA
By Total Solar Energy

Learn how to design a complete solar pv system over a six-week, internet-based, online course. Participants will gain technical skills and a strong foundation in PV design and safe installation of solar electric power systems. ... for Category B to take the PV NABCEP certification exam. See the NABCEP website for more information. For more information phone 707-923-2277, x4870 and start that new career in the solar industry. Posted by Total Solar Energy at 11:38 ...
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Shakin' all over: Move over world, the solar leader may soon be ...
Given the massive insolation enjoyed in the States, where even Anchorage receives a similar amount of photonic energy as Germany, solar patriots have long touted the country's great potential for PV and thermal. If Bradford is correct, ... Two projections for 2015--one factoring in a 0.5% annual rate hike, the other a 1% raise--predict that either half or two-thirds of the U.S. market can get below grid parity with solar power. Put another way, 98% or 99% of the country ...
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Illinois House members 2010 earmark requests. - Lynn Sweet
By Lynn Sweet

Increased manufacture of advanced solar technology promises to bring down the cost of renewable, photovoltaic energy to that of conventional grid power. This would lower energy costs, help end America's dependence on foreign energy, ... Teen Center Club Members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dundee Township to learn how to use and improve their computer skills as well as learning about hardware identification and installation, networking and technology-related careers. ...
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Kitchen Planning Renovation Checklist Part I | HomeStars News and ...
By CathyR
Schedule an energy audit: There are several new incentives right now for increasing your energy efficiency, however, in order to qualify for those grants your house must have an energy audit before you start your renovation. ...
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Otter Creek Coal = Double-edged, $1.4 Billion sword « Politics ...
By politicspeaksvalleys

... members–A.G. Steve Bullock, O.P.I. head Denise Juneau, Auditor Monica Lindeen, and S.O.S. Linda McCullough–to claim billions supporting public education, landmark energy development, and a vital piece of their political resume. ...
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The Best Way To Do the Best Thing - Thinhouse By Tom

How do you arrange an energy audit? We did ours through our local electrical utility, Eugene Water and Electric, which offers both an online energy analysis to its customers, and a program for having an expert come out to your house and ...
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Interested in becoming an energy auditor? Not sure where to begin? Try Denby Energy
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