Thursday, March 5, 2009

Something Very Big and Very Wonderful Is About To Happen To Solar PV

That's Right...

You heard it here first.

Once or twice in a person's lifetime, they meet someone, or discover
something, that becomes a Quantum Leap forward for mankind.
(If your real lucky it happens twice) Cause chances are good
you will not see it for what it is, the first time. 

But if you get that second chance and see it for what it is...You'll
move heaven and earth to get a place at that table, the next time
you see it, if there is a next time.

In the Mid 70's it was a machine called The Pong Machine...The first
electronic game converted in a huge building in an industrial park, which
one day would be known as the center of the technology world, The Silicon
Valley, CA. 

It's the story of a huge building with a production line..just on concrete, of Sony
TV's all lined up in a long roll, being taken apart, put into stand up cabinets
after something called a computer chip had been added.

If you were there at the time, you would have seen what I can only discribe
in that day, a hippy at every TV.  As a "regular businessman"  you can only
imagine my surprise when the lunch break came and people started playing
basketball end to end, full cour,  in the mostly empty building.  The smell of
pot, filled the air. 

The only question that came to my mind, at that moment was, "What the hell
is going on here?"

So, I guess the question you have to ask yourself,  is....  What do you want to
be sharing with your grandkids 20 years from now?  Stories, or a new
planet and a fortune?

Someone once said...

Some people watch things happen..
Some people make things happen..

Most people just sit back amazed
and wonder, "What the hell just happened?"

Al Boek, Founder,

American Energy Conservation Group
Redding, CA.  96003

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