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The past month has been quite a deal. Road trips to St. Louis and back, now Las Vegas and back. Finally made my girlfriend of 8 years, my new bride. Just spent a couple of nights in old Las Vegas, Golden Nugget. Very nice, right in town, next to court house and clerks offices.

My Crown Vic performed as always, 1500 miles round trip and did not miss a beat. Gas pretty cheap across the trip, around $2.10 a gallon, sticks to my mind. If you've never made the trip, we came back to Northern CA via Nevada, driving from Las Vegas north to Reno and then straight to Redding, Via Susanville, from Reno. (four hours, from Reno to home.) A meeting in Vegas had already cost Virginia a day of work, but it was best, since the drive back, even letting her sleep, was tough. Why do it? People ask. I did quite a lot of flying in the military, and later as a sale rep for Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, but I just don't appreciate flying like I once did, and hearing it's the safest mode of transportation, after every air craft crash does very little to change my thoughts on the matter. Add to it, the shake-down pre-flight searches and the power you give these airlines, once on the plane, over your freedoms and liberties, sitting for hours, trapped on the flight line, unable to get off the plane, I just can't agree with. Other issues I will not get into.

I would like to ask my FED Radio guest to forgive my not being on the air, at least
with me, these past two weeks, ask for you to tune in next week and we'll be discussing funding energy projects. Now let's talk Financing here...

Vast, large sums of money are currently being sent to state governments, cities and counties across the nation, by the Feds. A recent call to county officials in St. Louis, I discovered, 150 projects submitted for funding request, the day after Pres.
Obama signed the stimulus into effect. We requested $20 million for loan guarantees to purchase 5ea shopping centers and adding $5 million in renewables to
the centers. Our plan is to use these centers as working renewable energy demos, taking space in each center and using them for jobs and training programs in the middle of 3 million folks. This is a perfect example of what President Obama calls private sector job creation. I was told that there would not be enough money to fund even the 150 packages already submitted, however, I was also invited to send
our plan, unique, that we are not asking for anything but the backing of a purchase loan. This project might be the only one, that has large positive returns as the
utility bill alone on the centers will top $800,000 dollars this year without the
projects we are proposing. But I suspect, cash flow, is of no interest to these folks when giving out these funds, which I expect do not have to ever be paid back.
You would like with all the bail out of banks, some bank could be prompted to stand behind such a project. Although I was active in helping President Obama to get elected (search YESWECANSOLVEIT google) I still have not made a connection to help in this search. Not anything solid yet.

I am also becoming more involved in a funding project having to do with a new form of solar electric generation. Very exciting and well be involved in the sales and marketing of the system as soon as it's ready. Increases in solar pv effectiveness are written when anyone is able to increase their collector effectiveness by 2 or 5% more effective, still most systems are in the 20% effective imagine my excitement becoming involved with a product that in rated 80%. This statement
should shake the very foundations of the industry, but my following here is still relatively small and we are not being too vocal about this Quantum Leap forward in
solar electric generation, solid in the knowledge that others, will be doing this
on our behalf, soon. I will be looking for a fair, equity partner in the $40 million dollar range and the search has already begun. Interested, qualified, parties should contact me here. Click on Heading of this article for my Conservation site and contact info. Leave a message with contact info here, send me an email or call me at:

Al Boek, Founder
American Energy Conservation Group
PO Box 1579
Anderson, CA 96007-1579

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