Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Applied Materials Appoints Robert H. Swan to Board of Directors
SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA
Mr. Swan spent the first 15 years of his career at General Electric Company. ... solar photovoltaic cells, flexible electronics and energy efficient glass. ...
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Solar Power Buzz: Jobs In Solar: Master Electrician for Solar ...
By Pat
Simple Solar Systems, LLC is looking for a Master Electrician to join our team. We are solar PV company working in the Boulder/Denver area. We are looking for a dynamic person willing to split his/her time between the field and the office. ... A passion for solar and renewable energy! We have a competitive compensation package and are growing company in a growing industry. Please forward your resume and cover letter to: and ...
Solar Power Buzz -
The Nuclear Green Revolution: Comments on Mark Z. Jacobson from ...
By Charles Barton
The answer is that we can't meet all of our energy needs with a handful of fledgling technologies, we need a broadly diversified portfolio of energy sources, including renewables (wind, ocean, geothermal, solar PV, solar thermal, hydropower , biofuels, nuclear, ... he problem is that wind generation facilities are very inefficient producers of electricity, and owe their existence to government subsidies, tax preferences, or mandates on utilities to purchase the power. ...
The Nuclear Green Revolution -
The Liberal Heretic » Harry Reid’s Pork for Nevada Will Have ...
By punx
I suspect Obama would have at least tried to prevent some of this pork if he actually had the power…which of course he doesn’t. Let’s just look at this new $410 billion Spending Bill, and what Give ‘Em Hell Harry secured for us Nevadans. ... $1189375 for the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation’s Alternative Energy School of the Future. Funding is for a solar photovoltaic system that will provide the school with clean renewable energy and to teach students about renewable ...
The Liberal Heretic -
EZE Directory : EZE Articles : Increase Your Career Opportunities ...
With the increasing need to develop renewable energy sources in the current environmental scene all over the world, more and more electrical contractors are looking to enter the potentially lucrative solar electric energy industry. ... Amongst the popular certifications in demand in the solar education space is the Solar PV Installation Certification program. Electrical contractors who have received such solar certifications are discovering that they are quite sought ...

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Larry said...

Can I put my link here too?

American Energy Conservation Group said...

Sure Larry why not? I'm sure many
of my readers here and listeners around the world would love more info
on boosting their systems energy output through the favorite American past-time...Beer Drinking.

Green Earl, Founder
American Energy Conservation Group
Producing Negawatts...Since 1981

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