Friday, March 13, 2009

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Home Green Home: Hunting Energy Leaks - Green Inc. Blog -
By By Tom Zeller Jr.
On the occasion of my first home energy audit, I decided to see what I could dig up on the topic from The New York Times’s archives. How far back, I wondered, does this notion go — particularly the idea of using infrared cameras and ...
Green Inc. -
Coruway Film Institute: NESEA Building Energy Conference
By Bill Rogers
We met some fascinating people: an energy auditor in Maine, driven by high energy prices; an alternative energy service company; a number of folks in the wind business; and the president of a college. The College President, Mr. Theodore ...
Coruway Film Institute -
Dow Jones Financial Information Services
By Clean Technology Insight
Lime Energy Co. said Tuesday that it put up for sale its heating and cooling technology business after realizing it was a drag on the overall company, which saw significant growth in its energy audit business during 2008. ...
Dow Jones Clean Technology Insight Alert -
Green Jobs Legislation Advances « North Star Legislative Blog
By charles
The first phase increases the number of training sites for energy auditor and energy managers, the key jobs in evaluating homes–energy auditor–and the heating and cooling systems and other facets of energy use in larger buildings–the ...
North Star Legislative Blog -
How To Harvest Sun/Wind Energy to Make Solar Power For The Home ...
By Admin
To perform an energy audit you can call a professional auditor or do it yourself. You will need to locate any air leaks around the home, analyze which appliances you use most often, how much energy they use and understand how much ...
Home Dcor -
re: The Auditors » Blog Archive » GM Better Off Bankrupt? A ...
They have new products in the pipeline, many of them very energy efficient. Has its management done a poor job? Absolutely. Are its losses and cash burn rate ridiculous? Yes. But if the government is giving money away to other screwed ...
re: The Auditors -

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