Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Solar Innovation! Exclusive Canadian and US Master Distributors Wanted Now

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Mobile Energy

SOLAR PV CUBE  is a ready to use mobile solar generator able to guarantee up to 3 kW
power supply. Designed to provide electricity in all areas of the globe not covered by a
distribution grid and for all uses that require to be able to move their energy source. SOLAR CUBE can work even in the absence of sunshine offering the advantage of compactness, low noise, no fumes and fuel costs.
        The batteries contained in the base of only 1 m3 are recharged by the photovoltaic
generator which, with its surface of 9 m2, develops a power of 1.5 kW. Free yourself from the cost of fuel, Bring energy with you, Help the environment return clean: with SOLAR CUBE ENERGY ... where YOU want it!

Here below are described two load configurations of a typical home environment:
Comparing the average kWh/day consumption with the daily Productivity, the Solar PV Cube is able to satisfy the energy needs of a house.

Available Kits

Our typical solar generator consists of 9 panels of 155 Wp each for a total of 1395 Wp, a charge
controller, an inverter and 6 batteries 120 Ah C20 12 V according to the chart below.
Productivity of the photovoltaic system is strongly influenced by the place of installation.

Photovoltaic Modules
Battery Pack
Charge Controller

These results were obtained assuming an inclination angle of 30 degrees and an azimuth angle of 0 °

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