Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill, Drill Baby Drill President Obama To Visit Oil Spilled Gulf Coast.

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BP's Gulf Oil Spill has now seen over 1.6 million gallons of sweet crude leak into the Gulf Of Mexico. That's 32,000 fifty gallon drums of oil now landing and being washed onto the beaches and being spread into the "protected wildlife areas" of Texas and Louisiana.

That stupid bitch Sarah Palin released a news statement
saying she stands by her speech given to the Republican
party in New Orleans just a couple short weeks ago
regarding our countries need to continue with that DRILL
BABY DRILL policy.

President Obama, in a attempt to meet the Republican
part half-way by supporting some limited coastal drilling
has again pulled back a bloodied stump where his
extended right hand had once been. No good
deed goes unpunished. You've have now pissed
off your base Mr. President and fell prey to your

Good Luck and Good Luck to the wildlife, fisheries
and the people of the Gulf Coast. Eco friendly Gas
and Oil, Save Nuke and Clean Coal. All proven
time and again, to be the big lie. EAB

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