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My Family is Trying to Destroy the Earth « Your Green Ability
By Lindsay Wolff Logsdon, Human Resources Manager, frog design With the Green Jobs Act now over two years old, and President Obama pledging that jobs in sustainable energy and resources will be a keystone of US economic recovery, the next frontier of the .... 14 December: The Arctic fox, leatherback turtle and koala are among the species destined to be hardest hit by climate change , according to a new review from the International Union for Conservation of Nature. ...
Your Green Ability -
Researchers with rickshaws transform Madagascar lab | Featured
By Greenbang
Clean Tech and Green Business News. ... researcher Peter Long also collaborated with Sama Zefania at the University of Toliara to run courses to train Madagascan biology graduates to analyse satellite images for projects ranging from environmental conservation to planning and forestry management. ... So they don't have the transferable skills they need to be able to work in environmental impact jobs such as park management, geographical planning and the mining industry. ...
Greenbang -
Belmont Club » The Copencabana
By Richard Fernandez
We don't know, but the WSJ describes talks between Duke Energy and the China State Grid to “to build transmission networks in the U.S. with Chinese technology”. Nobody is saying the Duke Energy deal is linked to Copenhagen, but it is not ..... 2) Through those agencies, the creation and control of vast new streams of revenue which could be funneled into European countries for a supposed “green jobs” boom. Germany, with it's extensive solar projects and research was ...
Belmont Club -
The Club of Rome and the UNFCCC | student debt
By Makayla anderson
Nurtured from its very conception as a beacon of light to which all environmentalist ships should navigate, its creators knew that the green movement they had set out to create, was designed to blame man for the supposed predicament the earth was in. ... The division of the UN deemed most qualified to do the job was UNESCO, the scientific arm deciding what educational programs are to be distributed amongst the world's universities and primary schools. ...
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[EnvironmentalistsforObama] Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: NYTimes: U.N. Climate Talks
Tue, December 22, 2009 4:43:31 AM
Jeff McMahon
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Environmentalists for Obama

I don't know why anyone believes that "coming out much stronger in support of strong legislation" will result in stronger legislation emerging from Congress. It's like yelling at the deaf. And it's just as empty a claim as saying that Obama needs to "show leadership." This is what leadership looks like in a democracy. Obama could accomplish much more, certainly, if we only had one branch of government, but we have three. He is accomplishing a great deal, more than we imagined possible in the last two decades, maybe longer. He's even getting bills through a Senate whose Constitutional function is to prevent progress. My God, man, we just passed a health-care reform bill. This president will be remembered as a great president. He's not going to get there by looking like a marble statue every step of the way.

Accept the gains, then pus h for more. Otherwise we're lining up with Republicans.
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The Daily Start-Up: Sequoia Bets Big On China - Venture Capital ...
A roundup of venture capital-related news from around the Web. ... had raised separate funds to pursue early-stage, growth-equity and China deals. ... Matrix Partners held on to its shares and as of May still owned about 30% of the ... costly alternative energy plays has been a challenge for the venture industry. ...

Private Equity Week
Backers include Polaris Venture Partners and the Venture Capital Fund of New England. ... Lombardi has raised around $78 million in VC funding, from firms ... Earth Capital Partners has held a first close on its debut renewable energy ...

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Negawatts from High Energy Homes
“In the first 10 minutes of the audit we discovered a way to save 850 kWh per year with ... Atherton. Acterra. Leading Conservation Non-Profit. High. Energy ...

Geis warns fiscal crisis looming at CPS Energy
... alway been to pay for the debt that you are in before creating more? ..... AND, why only homeowners are eligible for energy saving devices (such as thermostats, etc.). ... CPS needs to knuckle down now and demand energy conservation of its ... As for reliable energy sources, the most reliable is negawatts – the ...

Western governors recommend policies, best practices to spur ...
... save 1.8 trillion gallons of water and create a net regional economic gain of $53 billion. "Energy efficiency and conservation represent a vast and still ... It's called the negawatt. This is true whether we're talking about compact ...

MUST SEE VIDEO- Sheldon Whitehouse: "The lying time is over....there will be a reckoning."

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Global Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy
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Hamilton: Alberta has wind at its back
Toronto Star
Roughly 80 per cent of the new capacity will come from wind projects, with most of the rest coming from solar. To be sure, there are challenges ahead. ...
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Crain's Chicago Business
Chicago Spire twists in wind as union funds pass on bailout loan
Crain's Chicago Business
They also have a history of commercial real estate investing here and around the country, and an interest in backing projects that create jobs for union ...
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Mayor Brown Mails Forum Results to President Obama
Buffalo Rising (blog)
... hydropower and existing manufacturing base in the region are tremendous attraction pieces for manufacturers of wind turbines, solar panels, etc. ...
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For Fast Money And Its Friends
By admin
It is possible to build your own wind power generator quite easily with some simple materials from the local hardware store. It's even possible to build solar panels. Though this sounds like a difficult job, it really isn't too hard to ... Other factors which have an impact on your project economics are financing costs, the size of the project and applicability of taxes. Go and share this with others! These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share ...
For Fast Money And Its Friends -
By Herman K. Trabish
"She said European companies' long-running expertise in developing renewable energy has allowed them to build a manufacturing base and expansive wind projects…[and China has accelerated its pace and is racing ahead to develop clean energy, which the Chinese see ... "The US Dept of Energy has earmarked $30 million in stimulus money to finance seven hydro projects. The US Congress recently passed legislation approving $50 million in marine and hydrokinetic energy research. ...
NewEnergyNews -
The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney: MSNBC Libtalker: 'Morning Joe ...
By Brian Maloney
GE's interests are in wind farms, turbines for the wind farms, natural gas production for which they have major holdings, the change to electronic health records and the financing of the health care takeover. They had to have a crisis in ... Obama reminds me of a white hating Hitler and he has already started kids to tell on their parents who don't like Obama, through twitter get out the vote Obama corp, he already centralized the government with no private sector jobs. ...
The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney -
New Solar Energy Investments to Strengthen Pennsylvania's “Green ...
By Pennsylvania RealEstateRama
HARRISBURG, PA - July 16, 2009 - (RealEstateRama) -- Several real estate projects in Erie County will receive new state investments to support job-creating economic development projects, Governor Edward G. Rendell said today. ... today introduced a measure to spur the development of renewable energy employment and construction, such as wind and solar farms and solar panel factories. The bill would primarily extend and expand a popular Treasury Department grant program ...
US States -
10 Signs Your Next Car Won't Be Electric
By Josie Garthwaite
If stimulus-funded projects go according to plan, more manufacturing will be done stateside for later models, but factories for models like the Tesla Model S and Fisker Nina aren't scheduled to begin producing vehicles until 2011. ..... The fact is, wind and solar are nowhere near that, and even in some distant future when we might have a totally low-emissions grid it would be absurd to imagine that nuclear and hydro won't be a huge part of the low-emissions mix. ...
Earth2Tech -
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US Offshore Wind Project Updates - Renewable Energy World
"Seven thousand seven hundred green jobs would be created by building three .... Off-shore wind projects will indeed have challenges but more and more people and state .... Italian finance police have arrested two prominent businessmen ...

Senior Project Manager - Wind Development Job in Job location not ...
Senior Project Manager - Wind Development job. Read the Senior Project Manager ... Comfort working with budgets, basic finance and accounting concepts and ...
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Mon, December 21, 2009 11:33:44 AM
Earl Allen Boek
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Al Boek, Redding, CA.

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A further interesting weekly submission from James Howard Kunstler.
For more of his writings you can check out

Blue Christmas

By James Howard Kunstler
on December 21, 2009 7:05 AM

     As the end-credits rolled for James Cameron's new movie, Avatar,  the audience burst into rowdy applause. It seemed to me that they were applauding the sheer computerized dazzlement of the show -- but in the story itself they had just watched the US suffer a humiliating defeat on a distant planet. In the final frames, American soldiers and the corporate executives they had failed to protect were shown lined up as prisoners-of-war about to embark on a death march.
     More to the point, the depiction of our national character through the whole course of the film was of a thuggish, cruel, cynical, stupid, detestable, and totally corrupt people bent on the complete destruction of nature.  Nice.  And the final irony was that Cameron had used theatrical technology of the latest and greatest kind to depict America 's broader techno-grandiosity -- as the army's brute robotic warriors fell to the spears and arrows of the simple blue space aliens.  Altogether, it was a weird moment in entertainment history, and perhaps in the American experience per se. No doubt audiences overseas will go wild with delight, too, but perhaps with a clearer notion of what they are clapping for than the enthralled masses of zombie Americans.
     The infatuation with technology, and the disgusting cockiness that goes with it (so well-captured in Avatar), is but one facet of the psychosis gripping the nation -- and by that I mean the profound detachment from reality. We have no idea what is happening to us and, naturally, no idea of what we are going to do. I sat in a bar Friday evening with a financial reporter from a national newspaper, trying to explain the peak oil situation and what it implied for our economy.  He had never heard it before. The relationship between energy resources and massive debt was new to him. (It also came up in conversation that he could not tell me what the Monroe Doctrine was about, despite a history degree from Yale.) There you have a nice snapshot of the mainstream media in this land.
     This year, America can look for a nice lump of coal in its Christmas stocking. That lump will be called "the recovery." This recovery consists of a massive self-deception, made up of accounting tricks and falsified statistics, with a sugar-coating on top of sheer disbelief that the outcome could be anything but a particular happy ending -- namely, the continued levitation of the unsustainable. What is most amazing about Mr. Cameron's holiday blockbuster is the explicit message that America is a society that deserves to be punished (and humiliated!) by others who manage their own relations with reality better than we do. I wonder how much that will secretly account for its popularity. I wonder what the leaders of China will make of it.
     The other current embodiment of national character failure, Tiger Woods, golfer, has also dazzled the American public. Personally I find it much more interesting to learn that he was a really lousy tipper than that he got a lot of action on the side with opportunistic bar girls, porn stars, and other denizens of the sports-entertainment netherworld. Is it not also amusing that golf is even taken seriously as an athletic pursuit? I mean, why not pancake-flipping?  Or dice? Or shooting rats at the landfill? This is the kind of knucklehead culture we have become after six decades of the softest life imaginable. Anyway, I'm not shedding any tears for Tiger.  Even if all his endorsements dry up and his ex-wife takes him to the cleaners for a hundred million or so, he'll still be left with enough cash to pay for porn stars and lobster tails until the end of time, especially if he keeps his tipping policy at its current level.
     Next week I'll put out my forecast for the coming year, 2010. But for now I'd like to leave readers with this Christmas present: a preview scene from the sequel to my novel of the post-oil American future, World Made By Hand....

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