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Solar, Energy, Wind, Green Careers, Renewable Energy News and Commentary By_Green Earl, Founder American Energy Conservation Group

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy
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Energy grant recommendations headed to Greensboro City Council
Greensboro News & Record - Greensboro,NC,USA
3 US Department of Energy deadline. Grant funds must be spent within 3 years. ... city and create market demand for both green jobs training and services. ...

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Greenbuild 2009 arrives in Phoenix with Al Gore & solar potential - USA
Solar Power International 2009, the largest business-to-business solar energy ... pro-solar public policy in Asia and the US The global photovoltaic (PV) ...
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Invest in Israel Newsletter: October 2009 Edition : Venture ...
By Eze Vidra
“In the future, we'll be able to offer the key components for the construction of parabolic trough power plants from a single source and to further enhance the efficiency of these plants,” Siemens' Renewable Energy division head ... Unlike photovoltaic solar panels, which use the sunlight to create electricity, solar thermal power plants use the sun to heat water which then creates the steam required to power a turbine generator which produces electricity to the grid. ...
VC Cafe -
Jonathan Silver Leaves Venture Capital for DoE | peHUB
By admin
Underscoring his commitment to strengthen and streamline the Department of Energy's operations, Secretary Steven Chu today named Jonathan Silver Executive Director of the Department's loan program office. ... Within 60 days of taking over at the Department, Secretary Chu announced the first loan guarantee to Solyndra, Inc. to support the company's construction of a commercial-scale manufacturing plant for its proprietary cylindrical solar photovoltaic panels. ...
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RENEWABLE RECRUITMENT: Solar or Photovoltaics for Abu Dhabi's ...
By Contact us on 07826527915, hcm@charlesandnuttal...
But this year's plunge in costs for photovoltaics (PV), a competitor technology, and the effects of haze and dust on solar thermal performance mean the country now plans to build both technologies equally, said Olaf Goebel, a department manager at .... It is always a joy to deal with Helen due to her positivity, boundless energy levels and utmost dedication to the task in hand. Whether client, candidate or supplier I would always recommend you take her call” March 2009. ...

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2009-11-12 Energy Composites to build 750MW Wisconsin wind b...
New Energy Matters (subscription)
Danish wind blade maker LM Glasfiber made two rounds of job cuts at its facility in Little Rock, Arkansas in January and June, furloughing a total of 230 ...
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Open Left:: The next big fight: a $200 billion jobs bill paid for ...
By Chris Bowers
Additionally, a large part of the money being invested in the US wind sector actually comes from European banks. The industry has largely been financed by project finance (which is my job), and that is a lending activity and not a ...
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Wind Power Project Manager Job in Golden 80422 Colorado US
Read the Wind Power Project Manager job description and find other Aerotek ... Accounting & Finance; Administrative; Architecture; Aviation; Automotive ...

W. Dan Chance
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[YESWECANSOLVEIT] Re: Encounter with Mr. President
Thu, November 12, 2009 12:17:44 PM
Earl Allen Boek  
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 Sheri:  I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed this diary you sent our group.

As you may know, I am, and have been from the very beginning, against both these wars.

Over the Veterans Day holiday, I spent a lot of time in reflection, as I always do, being a
Volunteered Vietnam Veteran, who was also a member of Vietnam Vets Against The War, while in country 10 months. 

I did my job, I did not recruit members of my unit and was out as a Sgt E-5 in 22 months.

By the time I volunteered, I was pretty darn sure what I'd find over there, sadly I was right. It was a big waste of human and financial treasure and I vowed if I got outta of it all alive I would spend the rest of my life telling my fellow Americans it was. 

Since Veterans Day is also my birthday, and I'm pushing 60 years old now, real hard, It was especially emotional. 

At the beginning of Desert Storm, early 90's I was speaking to the kids at University of Hawaii who had stopped going to classes and camped out for weeks in the student  center
grassy area of the University in protest of our country's involvement in Iraq. 

 I told them we, as a country, had not learned our lesson yet, and surely we were headed into another Vietnam.  I would rather my own sons were put in prison than be wasted in this fashion. I told the kids that day, not to go.  I'd do the same today.

Shortly I will write a letter to our president asking him again to pull out our troops from both countries in the next 12 months. I'm sure there are a hundred reasons the military has not too, but I still live with and can think of about 48,000+  reasons why we should bring our troops home now.

Please do what you can to spread the word.  Let's end it here and now.

Best Wishes for the holidays,

Al Boek, Redding, CA.

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