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Clean Careers: Clean Tech Job Trends 2009
By Frank | October 19th, 2009 0 Comments


Finding a clean tech job just got a little easier.

CleanEdge’s excellent new report, Clean Tech Job Trends 2009, which is a sort of companion to its annual Clean Energy Trends report, offers those looking for a clean tech job—as well as those curious about the sector—an excellent introduction to the trends and opportunities ahead, as well as key resources for getting one’s search in motion.

Written by Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder, authors of The Clean Tech Revolution, the report details an increasingly well-funded area of industrial activity that’s growing at above average rates. And with clean-tech job growth a focus of the Obama Administration as well as that of Chinese President Hu Jintao—and aggressive clean-tech job creation going on in the Brazil, the European Union, India, and Japan—this growth is certain to continue.

Clean Tech Job Trends details the top sectors of clean-tech activity (energy, water, transportation, and materials), and the top industries within those sectors (led by solar and biofuels and biomaterials, provides median annual salary compensation data for a wide variety of roles, and identifies top U.S. metro areas for clean tech job activity (the San Francisco Bay Area is number one, followed by greater Los Angeles, New York, and Boston).

An excellent breakdown of trends discusses key drivers of clean tech jobs, including energy efficiency, an aging workforce, new career training programs, and the move of clean-tech manufacturing to end-use markets. Each trend includes a profile of a clean tech company and a list of “organizations to watch”—a useful target list of those actively looking for a clean-tech job.

The authors also look at emerging models for financing clean-tech development—an important and often misunderstood factor in launching clean tech projects—including a “green bank,” clean energy victory bonds, tax credit bonds, and federal loan guarantees.

Finally, a job resource guide lists blogs, books, conferences, and networking resources for those trying to get more information about clean tech.

Given the recessionary economy and tight job market, those looking for a clean-tech job should take advantage of all the resources they can (Jim Cassio’s Green Careers Resource Guide is another good one to check out). But Clean Tech Job Trends is exciting not just for CleanEdge’s characteristic insight into the dynamics of a complex and rapidly changing market, but because it’s a promise of future tracking that helps fill a knowledge gap.

Frank Marquardt is the author of The Solar Job Guide and Green Careers.

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Residential Solar PPAs Continue To Drive Solar Market Growth

Charity and Social Enterprise Law Update - Autumn 2009
Linex Legal - London,UK
What about CEOs who need to travel extensively as part of their job? ...... The Charity Commission's 2008 report 'Going Green: Charities and Environmental ...
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FPL to energize nation's largest solar PV power plant on Oct 20 101309
The DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center uses more than 90000 photovoltaic panels to turn the sun's rays into electricity to power more than 3000 ...Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance
Wind Power is Key to England's Green Economy | The Gov Monitor
By admin
However, there will be other jobs in the supply chain too, including consultancy, installation, operation and maintenance and legal and financial services. The industry could generate significant revenues too – the Carbon Trust estimates up ... Topics: Britain, carbon budgets, clean energy, economic development, economic growth, economic opportunities, Economy, employment, energy, England, EU, evnironment, Governance, green, green economy, jobs, offshore wind, renewable ...
The Gov Monitor -
GO GREEN: Hype, Hoax or Hope? – Good Dirt - Matthew 13
By admin
To this end, GREEN initiatives will create careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics industries and energy efficiency and renewable energy industries such as Wind Turbine, Solar Photovoltaic, Environmental Technology, Green Building, ... Rashid Brown is a captivating educator, lecturer, transformational speaker, community leader, business strategist, financial manager and entrepreneur. He has a 20+ years as a management professional. ...
Good Dirt - Matthew 13 - News Alert for: energy auditor, Green Jobs, Training, Services,
East Lansing council candidate views
Lansing State Journal - Lansing,MI,USA
I have been involved in over 30 community service organizations, .... significant as developers seek opportunities in our green fields of the Northern Tier. ...

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Dailymotion - Energy Audit Training Classes | http://Cool-Green ...
Oct 10, 2009 ... | Energy Audit Training Classes Visit ... savings to their customers as well as general home inspection services. ...Google Blogs Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs
Wind Watch: National Grid rejects power offer from Deepwater Wind
The New Jersey-based start-up company needs a contract not just because it would guarantee a buyer for its electricity, but also because such an agreement would help attract additional financing for its two projects in Rhode Island that will cost a total of $1.5 ... “Deepwater Wind's project will act as a catalyst to elevate Rhode Island as the hub for the Northeast's offshore-wind industry, generating jobs at every level of the state's economy,” he said in a statement. ...
National Wind Watch: News -
Ask the Readers: What If Your High-Paying Job Makes You Miserable ...
The other thing to do is to start doing mini-projects or start learning more about topics within your field. I was faced with this situation in my current job where it became monotonous (bottom of the totem poke engineer) and I was actively .... You shouldn't specialize off the bat, but if you start in construction but are really a cabinet maker you might wind up in the same situation you're in now. Next, sit down with your family. Explain what you think you want to do. ...
Get Rich Slowly -
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Project Manager Wind Energy Development Job Space
Detailed job information for the position of "Project Manager - Wind Energy Development" in ... Confort with budgets basic finance and contract negotiation ...Search 2: "solar"" wind" "conservation"" geo""finance" (web) - tracking top 50 of about 195,000 results

GEO receives $34M in stimulus money from DOE " Colorado ...
Energy Conservation Technologies. Entegrity Wind Systems. Gevo. Hybrids Plus ... Ascent Solar plans 4.6M share offer. Duke Energy's Wyo. wind farm online ... - Rank 31

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... - Deep result - Rank 67

Energy Conservation | Design Revolution - Deep result - Rank 82

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Search 3: "solar"" sales""California"" marketing" " finance" (web) - tracking top 50 of about 2,550,000 results

California Solar Energy Industries Association Company ...
California Solar Energy Industries Association Company Profile - View California Solar Energy Industries Association ... Sales Tools Sales Stories Marketing ... - Rank 16
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Gridwise & Smartgrids
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Boeing's Flight Plan? Smart Grid Technologies and Renewable Jet Fuel
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It may seem strange that Boeing, the world's second largest commercial jet manufacturer, is getting into the Smart Grid or renewable energy business. But that's where Boeing is heading - just like a number of other aerospace and def…
DOE Awards $24 Million for Wind Energy Research
0 comments » | October 16, 2009
DOE is awarding Recovery Act grants up to $8 million each to three universities to research and develop land-based and offshore wind power generation.…
Green Jobs Pay Well and are Replacing Old Jobs That Have Been Lost, Study Finds
The Green Economy Post | October 16, 2009
Yesterday, Clean Edge, Inc., a clean-tech research and publishing firm, released Clean Tech Job Trends 2009. The report provides an investigation of how clean-tech jobs in the U.S. and globally are changing the face of industry, whe…
Increasing Customer & Employee Satisfaction Using Flu Awareness Communications
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GlobeNewswire, MSN, Yahoo! | October 16, 2009
SoundBite Communications introduced the H1N1 Flu Notifications Solution to help organizations communicate essential information about the swine flu with key audiences, including employees, customers, students...…

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Cyber Security Project Lead, position #4901
Posted by Domini Clark LION (, Senior Recruiter at Battelle Energy Alliance

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Valley's economy ripe for four growing industries
The Desert Sun
The recent Ernst and Young report, “Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices,'' said the United States edged out Spain as the most attractive nation ...
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American Progress Action Fund
Creating Clean Energy Jobs to Drive Economic Recovery
American Progress Action Fund
Financial incentives, such as production and investment tax credits for renewable energy; rebates for building owners who invest in efficiency improvements; ...
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Residents of Missouri's Dancing Rabbit test the limits of green living
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
In general, those guidelines address the group's objectives, such as minimizing waste, relying solely on renewable energy and reducing members' carbon ...
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Creating 1.7 million clean energy jobs to drive economic recovery ...
By Bracken Hendricks
Financial incentives, such as production and investment tax credits for renewable energy; rebates for building owners who invest in efficiency improvements; and performance-based incentives to reduce carbon emissions from existing fossil fuel ..... I am very pleased to report that Pennsylvania is well positioned to be a leader in the creation of green careers and innovation led clean technology businesses. Already, there were 38763 clean-energy jobs and 2934 clean-energy ...
Climate Progress -
No point in waiting until 11th hour to adopt 'Green New Deal ...
By Krithi
Our report also focuses on increasing renewable energy not just renewable electricity. Our energy needs go beyond electricity and our proposals for grid investment are about enabling a more decentralised energy system, ... Comhar SDC's proposals for a Green New Deal do not ignore the state of public finances; rather it is a reaction to them. The Green New Deal is about strategically using limited public finances to leverage private finance in achieving our shared goals. ...
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Letters to the Editor Oct. 16:Longmont Ledger-Longmont,Colorado ...
By Longmont Ledger
She supports and will work for the creation of a renewable energy light-industrial park that will bring crucial primary “greenjobs to our town. As a member of the Board of Environmental Affairs, Kaye is well aware of the ... Right-winged factions here and abroad should not have a problem with keeping our troops alive and well……unless they have a financial stake in war profiteering, that is. It's time to see just who would object to peace in the Middle East…..and why. ...» : Longmont... -
Middle Man: Mediating the 'Middle Skills' Jobs Debate: The real ...
By scohen
This matters both to those concerned with the quality as well as the quantity of available green careers as well as to those seeking to boost the number of Americans with science and math degrees. This latter group could help develop new ... Yet the Labor Department is simultaneously offering $500 million in Recovery Act funding for green-job training to help workers enter the energy-efficiency and renewable-energy industries or "green occupations" in other industries. ...
Middle Man: Mediating the 'Middle... - Blogs Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic
Dezeen » Blog Archive » Solar Decathlon house by Technische ...
By Rose Etherington
The result is a two-story, cube-shaped building with PV panels on the roof and sides and a single multifunctional living area on the inside. Described by the team as an aesthetic solar design, the house has a bed and other furniture and appliances ... renewable energy and green building technologies. As the next generation of engineers, architects, builders, and communicators, the Decathletes will be able to use this knowledge in their studies and their future careers. ...
Dezeen -
Paste number 88778: Bid Ocean
Eqpt. "PES" Pest Control "PHV" Photovoltaic "PLD" Pilings & Pile-Driving "PPG" Pipe & Manhole Grouting "PCL" Pipe - Clay "PCP" Pipe - Composite "CNC" Pipe - Concrete "DIP" Pipe - Ductile Iron "HDP" Pipe - HDPE "PVC" Pipe - PVC "FPV" Pipe ... Equipment "Sof" Software & IT "SLD" Solar & LED Lighting "SLR" Solar Energy "STN" Stone Masonry "LKR" Storage Locker "STS" Storm Sewer & Drainage "SST" Structural Steel "SSI" Sub-Surface Investigation / Engineering / Mapping "SUR" ...
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alejandrocabrera: Solar Decathlon house by Technische Universität ...
The surface is covered with solar cells: an 11.1-kW photovoltaic (PV) system made of 40 single-crystal silicon panels on the roof and about 250 thin-film copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) panels on the sides that are expected to produce an ... renewable energy and green building technologies. As the next generation of engineers, architects, builders, and communicators, the Decathletes will be able to use this knowledge in their studies and their future careers. ...
alejandrocabrera -

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