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You know, it's real funny...(Sorry this and the post
below are the commentary part of this blog) it allows
me to vent a little, or a whole bunch, when the situation

It amazes me the difference there can be between two
companies, involved in similar industries, and how
different they can operate and treat their people and
their customers.

This has all come about due to the fact, I felt it
was time and I was ready to get back into the sales
and marketing game, in a metro area, really is where
the action is.

My home is in Redding, I have two homes now,
one here in Sacramento, (Rancho Cordova) and the one
in Redding. But, there in Redding, the size of the
population and more rural area does not lend itself
to the amount of business one needs to really
straighten out ones life...financially.

For a couple of years, I was down, surgeries and
rehab and I told my wife we needed a change. I love
doing this blog, and other duties including working
on finance packages for renewable energy, but
investment in two deals, of a couple of months of
work each, just did not pan out. One was a $40
million dollar project to set up a factory to make
a cutting edge, we all thought, solar generator, the
other being a renewable energy, rehab project on 5
shopping centers in St. Louis, Mo. and a possible
purchase of same.

For reasons I will not go into here, both projects
required large investments of time and in one case
money, and the end result was no real product to
fund or a big glitch that made the other project
not viable. So, I was forced to make a move and a
big lifestyle change, which now that it's done, has
not really been that bad.

It all started when I see a Craig's list ad, that
says, earn $250 to $300K a year selling windows and
siding in Sacramento area.

Since I have sold a couple of mil in vinyl windows,
I say to myself, I can do that, and that would just
solve some pressing challenges in my life right now.

So, I call the number in the ad and I get a hold of
what has to be the nicest sale manager I guy will
ever meet. His name is Richard Arnett and his card
list him as the Sales, Marketing and Finance Manager
for a Sacramento Company named Vinyl Designs, Inc.
License Number CA 677226 located in a upscale
industrial park at 5433 Stationers Way in Sac, CA.
95842. (On the border of Roseville) so you can
avoid them.

As it turned out, my wife and I had a doctor
appointment in the area and I thought what the heck,
I'll just stop by and have a visit with Richard and
see what comes of it.

Now, Richard Arnett is a sales manager dream come
true. He is the kinda of guy you'd walk thru fire
for. We start talking and hit it right off and we're
talking about home improvement sales guys we both
know, going back nearly 30 years in some cases...

We talk story for a bit and I just feel I'd love to
work for the man, so he sets it all up. Gives me a
a couple of days of training and before I know it
my old Ford Crown Vic is running up and down I-50
towards Tahoe and I-80 towards Reno and back and
forth running vinyl window and door leads, siding,
patio covers, and Tex-Coat. In the next 10 days, I
bid no less than $150,000 dollars in business, write
nearly $40,000 and close about $25,000 the last 7
days, 4 deals, all cash, with deposits. One $8K
dollar deal in Vallejo, that no other sales person
would run, I'm told they have 8 others, kicks before
I can even get the contract back to Rich. The people
need the windows, and their house is hot, during the
presentation, but they are from another country and
time and they are used to it. The idea of parting
with $8,000 when the money could be used for travel
and other retirement needs I understand, still the
dang house needed the windows and all the neighbors
had upgraded, we actually walked outside and looked
at the windows, grids, bays and other improvements
the neighbors had made. Anyway that deal cancels
the next morning...and I just think, "This is not
going to be quite as easy as I first thought." My
commission on such a deal is around 10% as this is
a phone room lead and called a "house deal". Self
generated leads are paid at a higher rate and they're
is a Gotcha built-in to the program, if there is a
fair or a show involved when you get the lead.

Anyway, cancellations happen, even more so now, if
money being so important to most people, Including
me, I might add.

But that happens, this is the business we are in and
money is tight, people, even people that actually
have it, are slow to part with it. Even when they
owe it to you, as we'll cover soon...Don't forget
to drop down and read the post to the owner of Vinyl
Designs, Inc (below). Since removed out of respect
and at the request of Richard at Vinyl Designs, Inc.
Guess he was having a little trouble justifying to
the other troops, the Stupid move the owner made
regarding me.

I no longer work there and I think it's important
that the entire world, including any new sales people
that might come, know why.

And it's important to potential customers that you
know the type of business man the contractor, Steve
and his wife Leslie are. Because the way the treat
the people that work for them, you better believe
will be a factor and a forecast in how you might
be treated as a customer.

Now, for the record, Richard swears the owner is
a straight shooter and "never cheats anyone as
they leave" this is a comment I now question as
I question Rich's judgment making it, as I feel
real "Cheated" right now as I write this post.

They will be amazed at the respect this blog has in
the Google Search Engines and how often this article
and my comments on their questionable, unethical and
dishonest behavior, come up in searches of people
looking into Vinyl Window and siding products and
researching the companies that market them...

....MORE SOON...

(Note) this blog is really a hobby, and since I have
taken a new position, I have reading and studying to
do, I cannot spend the time I would like addressing the
Vinyl Design, Inc company, but come back and I'll be
able to tell you more soon, anyway.


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