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My new employer and associates have 30 years in solar
(like me) and 10,000 systems installed in the area...

These are serious, serious solar contenders.........

Solar DHW (domestic hot water)
Solar Pool and Spa Heating
Solar Space Heating
Solar Air Conditioning

Vinyl Windows, Amerimax Windows and Doors, Certainteed Windows, Anderson Windows
Alside Vinyl Siding, Tex-Coat for Sealing Stucco, Insulation, Conservation
Energy Management Systems, Air Conditioning and Heating. SMUD financing...

Sunscreens, Solar Blinds, Lighting Conversions, Ceiling & Attic Fans, Roof Turbines,
Solar Tube lighting...YOU GET THE IDEA...

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Training Careers: Training Careers: Energy Audit Training
By Jim
Green jobs are receiving an extraordinary boost from government incentives and energy audit training is attractive again in the 21st century. Home energy audits identify the areas in a home, where energy is wasted and recommends steps to take to ... Energy audit training reflects these approaches, in cost and duration of training and what you may be able to charge for your services. The right course for you will be determined such things as the area you want to focus on, ...

Training Careers -

LRCC and Division of Economic Development Partner on Energy Grant ...
By Steve Boucher

“Given the rise of green jobs and the need for energy auditors statewide, this grant is tremendous news for New Hampshire,” says New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Interim Director, Roy Duddy. “This training will not only ...

Gridwise & Smartgrids

America , Do We Have a Problem
Started by Barry Stevens, Managing Director - Technology Business Development
Latest News

Smart Grid Software Leader GridPoint to Provide Smart Charging Software for Largest U.S. Electric Vehicle Rolls | September 8, 2009

GridPoint, Inc. will provide its next-generation electric vehicle (EV) management software, Smart Charging 3.0, for the largest U.S. rollout of EVs and charging facilities. Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec) has …
Virtual Power Generation Company Viridity Energy Partners With Recovery Act Grant Hopefuls | September 8, 2009

Virtual power generation company Viridity Energy announced that it has joined forces with a wide range of Recovery Act stimulus grant applicants, including Con Edison, the state of New Mexico, PECO Energy Company, the University of …
DOE Picks Solar Panel Maker Solyndra for First Recovery Act Loan Guarantee: $535 Million | September 8, 2009

Fremont, California-based Solyndra, Inc. will receive $535 million loan guarantee from DOE to finance the construction of a new manufacturing facility. The first recipient of a loan guarantee under the Recovery Act, Solyndra manufac…
Why Your Grid Is Already Smart (and How to Unlock its Data Treasure) | September 8, 2009

When does an embarrassment of riches turn into just an embarrassment? When utilities have a wealth of data and don't take advantage of it. That's the situation facing most utilities as the Smart Grid goes mainstream. In this preview…
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Posted by Diane Beir, Executive Recruiter at Fischer Group International
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Living With Coal

Boston Review

(Still, coal is so cheap that this option may still be less expensive than building big nuclear plants or massive wind farms.) The costly inelegance of ...
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Colorado: Energy and Aerospace Lead a Promising Economic Boost

Area Development Online

Denmark-based wind manufacturer Vestas is building four manufacturing sites, one each in Windsor and Pueblo and two in Brighton. Hexcel Corp., a producer of ...
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Energy Industry Icon Calls Obama Renewable Energy Plan Threat to ...

Given the extremely poor state of the US economy and flawed economics of the renewable energy sector, there will be hundreds of distressed energy projects ...
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EANS-News: PNE WIND AG: US subsidiary concludes joint venture with ...
APA OTS (Pressemitteilung)

In this context, its central competence is developing, projecting, implementing and financing wind-farms and their operation or sale with subsequent service ...
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EANS-News: PNE WIND AG: US subsidiary concludes joint venture with ...
By a|m-Redaktion

Martin Billhardt, CEO of PNE WIND AG, says: “We are very delighted to have achieved our first joint venture in the USA. The colleagues have done a great job in the last weeks in finalizing the negotiations!” Company profile. PNE WIND AG with its headquarters in Cuxhaven plans and implements wind-farm projects on land (onshore) and also at high sea (offshore). In this context, its central competence is developing, projecting, implementing and financing wind-farms and their ... » EANS-Adhoc:... - » Blog Archives » Climate Legislation; Focus on ...
By Keith Good

Key items on this list are delivering on health insurance reform and clean energy, providing jobs by improving our infrastructure, and reining in the behavior on Wall Street that contributed to the economic downturn. ... The Journal article explained that, “In the past year, however, some prominent rural co-ops have invested in massive solar and wind projects. Others have experimented with small-scale innovations to educate their rural customers, often conservative and ... -

First Solar CEO says planned 2-gigawatt plant would be 'impossible ...
By Chris Kahn

The project hasn't been given an exact location yet, but the agreement said it will be located within a massive development zone that is expected to eventually offer nearly 12 gigawatts of renewable energy from wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric .... space Tuesday announced that it had signed two memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with Gujarat state government to build a thermal and solar power plant. A statement from Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd. ...

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NewNet News - Ethos Fund launches new green energy loan programme ...
By newnet

Ethos said it would look to finance a diversified portfolio covering areas such as wind and solar. 'As we developed the business plan for Ethos over the past two years, our goal was to establish the company as the go-to financier for energy developers ... By loaning against the credits and rebates available for renewable energy production through federal government stimulus packages, Ethos can, in some cases, finance up to 100 per cent or more of the cost of a project. ...

New Energy World Network (NewNet) -

Energy and Global Warming News for September 8: China is the world ...
By Jonathan

In the global race to develop green technology and stem climate change, China has quickly become a leading producer of solar panels and wind turbines. It also dominates the lesser-known technology of solar water heaters. .... President of Boeing China and political leaders from China and the U.S. including Fu Zhihuan, Chairman, Finance Committee, 10th National People's Congress and U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Chairwoman of the Senate Subcommittee on Energy. ...

Climate Progress -

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Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. Partners with Jacksonville Job ...
Reuters - USA

Solar Energy`s business model focuses on three fronts: * Solar Parks. Development of large utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) installations bringing together ...

http : / / www . solarenergy . com

Solar Energy Initiatives, Inc. Partners with Jacksonville Job ...

Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA

Solar Parks. Development of large utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) ... Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPA). Placing solar systems on or adjacent to ...

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US using more renewable energy
By Ians

June 19th, 2009 CHENNAI - New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah Friday said his department would request the finance ministry to continue with existing incentive schemes for renewable power projects. We find there is a great worry among the ... January 12th, 2009 AHMEDABAD - Astonfield Renewable Resources Ltd (ARRL) will execute a mega 200 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project across Gujarat. The venture is touted as the largest renewable energy project in India. ...

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Home Solar Panels Reviewed
Out of all of the renewable energy alternatives we have today, solar power is ... Article Tags build solar power create electricity create solar power diy ...
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Van Jones Resigns: Three Green Takeaways | CleanTechies Blog ...
By Joe Walsh

With the resignation of White House CEQ member and Green Jobs Czar Van Jones over Labor Day weekend, the movement toward a green tech economy took more than. ... We focus on the CleanTech space, covering the fields of clean technology, renewable energy, resource efficiency, green building and sustainable transportation. Industry experts write about current trends, discuss clean technologies as well as policies and provide career advice. About CleanTechies... » ...

CleanTechies Blog - -

The Niles Star » A laborless day for many Americans
By admin

“And we continue to build on Michigan's manufacturing strengths to transform our state into a center for renewable energy and generate thousands of new green jobs.” The president addressed the nation's workforce as well, speaking Monday from ... “A financial system on the verge of collapse. About 700000 workers losing their jobs each month. The worst recession of our lifetimes threatening to become another Great Depression. That's why we took bold, swift action-passing an ...

The Niles Star -


That could ultimately be at play as China and the West, long at odds over trade in steel, textiles and auto parts, risk being sucked into a row over protectionism in renewable energy equipment such as solar panels. ... GREEN JOBS IN THE USA ? NO. IN CHINA Massive inventory buildup and Chinese competition could put half of all solar manufacturers out of business next year, according to a market research firm. Further, it reports that production has dropped to 27.9 percent ...


Why The Energy Revolution Needs China | Solar Feeds News and ...

In so doing, it also secures its place as a top manufacturer of crucial components for the green energy revolution. Solar PV. On a related note, China has come under considerable criticism for “dumping” solar photovoltaic (PV) panels ... The US is moving at a snail's pace in supporting renewable energy; our manufacturers are undercapitalized; our political leadership is a hydra without a long-term energy strategy; and we make our renewable energy businesses live and die ...

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Elizabeth Lynch: The U.S. Climate Change Bill: International Trade ...
By Elizabeth Lynch

Additionally, over-protection of these industries loses sight of the broader U.S. economy and the other goal of the Climate Change Bill: to shift production and jobs to energy-efficient or renewable energy industries. Furthermore, while the boarder .... Frances Beinecke: Workers Want Green Jobs, Not Astroturf. People in Gary, Indiana don't support climate legislation because environmental groups or labor unions told them to. They support it because they believe in it. ...

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