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The cost of building a solar powered economy
Las Vegas Sun

Even as momentum from the highest reaches of government builds, touting solar energy as one key source to wean the country off fossil fuels, Solar ...
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Las Vegas gowing green and Senator Harry Reid is leading the show
Las Vegas is taking another gamble, but with an ace up their sleeve. The sun. Solar energy is abundant with 320 days of sunshine in the Mohave Desert. Senator Harry Reid leads a group tour to show off his stacked deck. ... Its location is just minutes from Boulder Dam which was built to produce hydroelectric power. Photovoltaic film is lightweight and is manufactured in large quantities using methods similar to newspaper printing. These Solar panels are made with layers ...

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The Oil Drum: Campfire | Jobs / Careers of the Future
By Gail the Actuary

There is no shortage of energy..just a shortage of a way to capture & put it to use. As long as the sun exists, we'll have wind, water & solar energy. They'll be lots of jobs doing that..and electricity will pay a big part. ..... Licensed electricians - will likely be in big demand because many ordinances require solar PV to be installed by a licensed electrician. Offshore oil rig workers. Farm workers for the biofuel industry. Solar CSP and wind generator construction ...

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Providence Journal
Several companies want to be the first to develop an offshore wind ...

Rich and other Deepwater executives believe that financing their project will not be a problem, even though credit is tight and developing offshore wind is ...
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AP News in Brief
The Associated Press

___ Wind spreads wildfires across parched parts of California as state declares emergency DAVENPORT, Calif. (AP) — Strong winds are spreading multiple ...
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Frontier research centers. “… prioritize energy savings, create or ...

States use these grants at the state and local level to create green jobs and address state energy priorities. Transparency and accountability are important priorities for SEP and all Recovery Act projects. Throughout the program's implementation, ... American Samoa is also interested in expanding its use of wind power, and will use Recovery Act funds to set up eight anemometers to measure and quantify the territory's wind potential. In addition to State Energy Program ...

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Walmart Foundation's Green Jobs Training Initiative Awards $550000 ...

The FINANCIAL - Tbilisi,Georgia
“The Walmart Foundation Green Jobs Training Initiative grant is an opportunity ... Walmart is committed to being supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, ...

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Energy Efficiency, Green Technology, and Effective Water Damage ...
By admin

“Green” employment rose to 10 percent in 2007 from 2005 while the statewide job growth was only 1% for the same 2-year period. California's energy expenditure from “green” technology has greatly contributed to an increase in its energy ... California's extensive use of renewable energy and lower greenhouse gases, together with a fully automated and environmentally efficient water damage control program, can attract more entrepreneurs and eventual funding which translates ...

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Oakland Green Jobs Corps Graduates First Class : Apollo Alliance

The curriculum incorporates six key training elements: soft skills/life skills training, hard skills training, financial literacy, environmental literacy, internships, and an Employer Council. The Employer Council is a key element of the Green Jobs Corps program. It consists of businesses and nonprofits working in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green building sectors in the Oakland/East Bay area. Council members help identify skills to be included in the ...

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Renewable Energy Industry Review Allied
Schools Aug09

August09 Renewable Industry Review Insider's peek at green jobs events and ... for about 770000 jobs renewable energy industry green career training is are ...

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Go Green: Training for Green Jobs - Traverse City,Michigan,USA

Course instructor, Ric Evans, says from here, the students can go on to become energy auditors or work with contractors to work in quality control. ...

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