Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Green Businesses - 10 Business Visionaries Going Green ...

The past year has seen a number of technological breakthroughs that have reduced the cost of manufacturing photovoltaic panels, which means that the upfront cost of installing them is coming down sharply. .... Sounds improbable, but if you invest in energy efficiency improvements, you can save that much or more on taxes. A new energy efficient window and a hybrid car here, a solar-powered hot water heater and geothermal heating and cooling there... it really adds up. ... article feed -
First ‘solar city’ of the world to be developed soon | The Money Times
By Jaspreet Kaur
Palm Beach Gardens, April 10: Kitson & Partners, in collaboration with Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL), the state’s largest electric service, today announced their plan to construct the largest on-site solar photovoltaic energy facility ...
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SOLAR INSTALLATION WORKSHOP (Phoenix, AZ) : Phoenix Career Resources
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Solar Installation Workshop (Phoenix, AZ) eRENEWABLE RESOURCE GROUP is bringing solar energy training to Phoenix! Start a new career in the technology of the future TODAY - The willingness to learn is all that is required. This is the first of this training to ... This workshop is certified by the Institute of Sustainable Power (ISP) and fulfills the educational requirements for Category 'B' of NABCEP's Solar PV Installer Certification. This course also qualifies you to ...
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Dow Jones Financial Information Services
By Clean Technology Insight
Private Equity ... The Daily Start-Up In this morning's Web roundup, the supposed link between venture capital and systemic risk is demystified; patent reform gets another look; and a new study advises start-ups not to waste time crafting the perfect ... tech giants hand out unsolicited advice to customers about how to win stimulus funds; start-up funding contests thrive in India; and limited partners hope to restore an imbalance in their relationships with fund managers. ...
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Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group
Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance. Financial Post: Wind power is a complete disaster « Protecting ... By WCO Each wind industry job created cost almost $2-million in subsidies. ...
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Local Green Jobs Roundup: Denver, Annapolis, Wisconsin, Ohio and ...
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... has given the green light for states to begin issuing bonds authorized in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as the economic stimulus bill, to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and create green jobs. ... Update me about green jobs and careers when site is updated. Topics; Popular; Comments. Best Green Jobs Meta-list: 56 Top Green Careers Recommended By 11 Authoritative Sources · What's Missing From The Green Stimulus? ...
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Jobs in Alternative Energy Fields | The Green Home Effect
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The business of alternative energy is rapidly growing due to the fact that many governments are now supporting it. Investors have become excited about putting their financial backing into the alternative energy industry because they can ... The US government is unquestionably involved in promoting the idea of new jobs as being readily available in the alternative energy sector. According to the President, in order to achieve greater use of “homegrown”, renewable fuels in ...
The Green Home Effect - The American Clean Energy and Security Act of ...
By WeatherDem
... provisions to promote green jobs. One section authorizes the Secretary of Education to award grants to universities and colleges to develop curriculum and training programs that prepare students for careers in renewable energy, ... - Front Page -

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Renewable Energy Jobs
Renewable Energy Jobs. Find the renewable energy job that is right for you! ... Browse Jobs by Category. Accounting / Finance ...

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Home Green Home: Our Audit Results - Green Inc. Blog -
By By Tom Zeller Jr.
We actually have an energy audit going on as I type this. We live in a 1901 duplex that shares a wall and part of two roofs with another house. So while we save on energy loss, we have the unexpected problems of heat from their ...
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RESNET - RESBlog - Post
energy auditor's van inventory. Friday, April 10, 2009 - 12:15 AM. Hello, April 10,2009. To manage posssible risk, what items must not be left out in a residential energy auditor's van/vehicle. Damien Herold. ...

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