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Is There a 6 Sq. Ft. Hole in Your Home?
This comment was made by one of the auditors. It must be a very high ROI because switching to CFLs offer an unbelievably high ROI. In a video of another home energy audit the auditor calculated that a hollow door leading to the outside ...
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‘Green’ building: A new economic cluster in area - Morning ...
By Jesse
Curry Caputo, a “green” builder and certified energy auditor with Sustainable Structures, said he has taken on two … source: · Digg · Facebook · Google · Reddit · StumbleUpon ...
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Aperion - Redefining Community: Weatherization Tips For Your Home ...
By Dalan Garcia
A home energy audit is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes, and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy-efficient. An audit will show you problems that may, when corrected, ...
Aperion - Redefining Community -
Insider Going Green Energy Tips | Eco Friendly Homes - Willow Green
By admin
Step one is to hire an energy auditor. We need to turn to the experts, to people who are best at it when we need something done. They could tell you about what.
Eco Friendly Homes - Willow Green -
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Green Energy: Nebraska Expecting Explosion of Wind Development (press release) - Salem,OR,USA
Tramontina said Iowa is now well-positioned for "the huge boon" of green jobs to come. Iowa's lead position in wind energy didn't happen by accident. ...
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Big ideas for Iowa - Des Moines,IA,USA
The state needs to expand its efforts to produce renewable energy of all forms. Iowa is well-positioned to take a leadership role and become the country's ...
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Hot Air » Blog Archive » UCLA on FDR, stimulus packages in 2004
By Ed Morrissey
For all the talk about green-job creation, there’s an unavoidable problem with renewable-energy technologies and the policies that promote them: from an economic standpoint, they’re big losers. Renewables can’t produce the large volumes of ...... I was living in Ca. when businesses were rewarded for programs that brought career opportunities to civilians; a time when the aerospace industry and the defense industry brought hundreds of thousands of jobs to Californians. ...
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Fourth International - The crisis overdetermines all of world politics
By François Sabado
The financial crisis is coinciding with and aggravating a general crisis of overproduction. The paralysis of credit is gradually reducing economic activity. The crisis has spread to the whole world. Its scale is comparable with that of .... A green capitalism is theoretically possible. As the resolution on climate change, submitted for discussion at the next congress of the International, indicates, “In the abstract a capitalism based on renewable energy sources seems ...
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Ten ways to save the World « Kanan48
By kanan48
Smoothing out demand in this way means that the grid needs fewer power stations, and can accommodate renewable energy more easily. It would also provide a huge boost to a “rooftop revolution”, where households generate their own ... Opponents worry that growing trees for it will take land out of food production, but Craig Sams – the co-founder of Green and Black’s chocolate, who is now developing it – believes that just 21/2 per cent of the world’s productive land would ...
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UK Jobs Employment Career Vacancies.: Green Tech - NJF Search ...
By OutSource
Green Tech - NJF Search International - London. A boutique investment bank with offices in 3 continents has an opportunity for a research salesperson to cover the renewable energy sector. The firm has an outstanding reputation and a strong ... They are currently going enjoying a period of relative stability in the financial markets and have made a number of recent hires from the bulge bracket investment banks. Suitable applicants will be established salespeople from a ...
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Solar Technology and Bladeless Turbine Reportedly Set to ...
By Blake Harris
Other solar technologies, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are also very expensive and require an expensive inverter to convert DC power to AC. They also require expensive batteries for power storage. Unlike PV systems, IAS’s product does not ... Low-cost energy produced by IAS’s new patented and patent-pending solar technology can be used to generate electricity or produce clean fuels such as hydrogen and green methanol (gasoline replacements) at a competitive price. ...
The X-Journals - » Climate Change Pollyannas
By Stuart Hertzog
May’s career shows that she “works the system”, which means that she must essentially accept and work within the industrial paradigm. May does not seriously threaten the system’s legitimacy with her eco-politics, and society in turn has rewarded her .... In addition, through a complex and erudite discussion in his book covering wind energy, solar thermal electricity, photovoltaic solar electricity, liquid and gaseous fuels derived from biomass, the ‘hydrogen economy’, ... -

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