Monday, January 5, 2009


So....Happy New Year...Finance Markets, not looking that well.....except in Solar
and Renewable Energy In California. Records in November and December o8.

Federal Credits have been increased and extended. Beginning in January 1st, 2009.

Thought I'd run by you the mechanics of a renewable energy conservation solar and
wind retail and seminar center operation. I just happen to be working on one, so these are things coming to mind as I prepare to write.

First Us...A Consulting company, pioneers in renewable energy in Ca with installs
state-wide, working now, 28 years. Highly experienced in all forms of lead generation, marketing of products to the end user, financing, retailing and installing
just about any kind of renewable energy or home improvement product. Experienced in
chain building, and what an associate calls, Doing Dog and Pony Shows. I call them

Next, associates with million all licenses, certifications, million dollars installs already installed in our CA market with inside track on hundreds of
projects, nationwide. With Energy Audit, Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, Lighting
Conversions, Installing of same. Also experienced in carbon off-sets, tax credit

Next, a Canadian Supplier of exclusive products in Component housing, (500 sq ft,
2 Bedroom units) Wind project experience around the world, product and samples,
Solar Thermal products, Lighting Conversion products and solar blinds.

Next a Idaho based telemarketing firm able to make 2,000 commercial and industrial
business building owner calls a month for $3,000.

Next a internet expert marketing company to design a survey and seminar sign up
site for explaining briefly the night program and conditions of seminar attendance.

Next, A Nationwide leasing and financing agent.

Next, A Nationwide contractor pre-screening firm

Next, A Nationwide Green training and certification program

Next, A Worldwide Web-based Website and Radio program

Next, A Nationwide, Movie on Current deliver of electric compared to renewable
methods, with complete program for customers, books and t-shirts and CD's to give away at the seminars.

Next, a Nationwide Direct Marketing program designed to train eco-consultants, for
local parties and commercial applications, sales and marketing...

That's just about it...but the 12,000 sq ft., empty building on two very expensive
commercial acres, you need to put all that in....Investment $2.5 Million for entire
show and operation. Estimated Sales per month...25 ea commercial @$100,000 ea..
Do The math...That should do it. Smile

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