Saturday, November 1, 2008

Picken's Plan Member Reminds Me...It's Time To Kick Our Alternative Energy Programs Into Gear

I've been asked, is the McCain Supporter in the picture me? No...I do admit, I've been active in the race, but my support, and I make no apologizes, is for Senator Barrack Obama. Why?

He was the first to come out with a total, comprehensive renewable energy plan. As with several
of Obama's platforms, energy Independence was something that McCain morphed into after Obama introduced it....

Obama was the first to suggest we take energy tax dollars away from big oil and redirect it to
Alternative Energy. Obama has promised $10 Billion a year to the effort. High gas prices, our
policies in other countries toward their oil reserves and our thirst for foreign oil along with the
loss of life and our countries treasure demand it. Ok....enough about politics....

Global Warming...Like it or not. Believe it or not. Intensive emission standards are already in the works for California and the rest of the nation....These new state mandated programs require cities throughout the state to set new local standards and goals to reduce emissions in their cities and start adding these new requirements in a aggressive manner....Public Transportation, City planning, Waste and Pollution all must be addressed. This coupled
will extensions of the Solar Credits for 8 more years, the bailout dollars extended to the industry and other incentives is creating a industry in California which should create a climate for
renewables that far exceeds the needs of the early eighties, and should create ten of thousands
of new Green jobs in every state in the Union.

There are many ways someone interested in the renewable energy field can make their mark...I
personally will go the time tested way. It is what has worked for me in the past, it is what worked for my customers and my suppliers.


Better Home Business said...

61 days. That's how much time we have left to prepare for the Obama-Biden Administration that will bring the change Americans demanded so strongly in this past election.

President-elect Obama has set a high bar for the Transition team: to execute the most efficient, organized, and transparent transfer of power in American history. As a co-Chair for the Transition, I want to tell you about a few steps we've already taken to achieve this goal.

First, we adopted the strictest ethics guidelines ever applied to any transition team. President-elect Obama pledged to change the way Washington works, and that begins with shifting influence away from special interests and restoring it to the everyday Americans who are passionate about fixing the problems facing our country.

Opening up the Transition means listening to your ideas and stories and providing a window into how the process works.

To give you a look at how we're approaching some of the nation's most pressing issues, we filmed this meeting of our Energy and Environment Policy Transition Team and interviewed team member Heather Zichal.

Watch the video Energy & Environment -- Of the People, By the People and submit your ideas on energy and the environment: Energy & Environment -- Of the People, By the People

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President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden have set an ambitious agenda, and we are going to make Change Of the People, By the People a source of information, as well as a place to participate in the decisions being made about your government.

Since the decisions we're making affect all Americans, we're counting on citizens from every walk of life to get involved. You can help us right now by making sure your friends and neighbors know about Change Of the People, By the People and give their input, too.

We're continuing to develop new ways to open up the process, and we'll keep you posted along the way.



John Podesta
Obama-Biden Presidential Transition Team

American Energy Conservation Group said...

John Podesta: Just wanted to say
thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I personally have never been so pumped at the change I see coming.

For me, it's been thirty years, wondering when we'd collectively wake, and begin the change that
was needed.

I am very impressed with the transition team and the communication being established.

You guys keep up the great work. My friends and associates out here
are turning up the heat.

Al Boek
American Energy Conservation Group
Redding, CA. 96003

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