Friday, November 28, 2008

Gov. Bill Richardson To Take On The Evil Axis In His Position As Commerce Secretary

Actually, I'm pretty pleased with President-elect Barack Obama's choice of
Gov. Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary.

The office of Commerce Secretary has been called "The Voice of
Our Government in Business". Governor Richardson has served on
the boards of several energy corporations. As a former Sec of
Energy, he served under president Clinton and is best known for coming up
with a plan to dispose of nuclear waste, while doing so.
He should have a pretty good handle on the energy challenges
facing our country.

In fact, our need for foreign oil, and the gas and oil industry,
the lobbyist, have had a huge influence on our entire world economy,
unlike all the stimulus packages going around, the results of these failed
energy policies, actually have trickled-down to Main street America.

For President Obama's promise of change to really happen we need
someone in this position suited to take on some pretty powerful
corporations, utilities and energy concerns. Richardson's experience
negotiating hostage releases with the likes of Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein
and the Taliban, should serve the American people quite well.

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