Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Solar Energy Anywhere, Anytime you need it.

Looks like millions and billions of dollars has recently come available for
the solar industries big guns. Neat.  Now imagine, for a moment if your
running a lease program or a solar sales program and you have a product
that does not require an install.  A 3kw, 9 panel with 1.5 kw in backup
battery power, product,  delivered anywhere in the US or Canada for
under $15,000.  A product that only required a 5 minute setup and
plugged into 220, ones that uninstalls just as fast that can be moved to
your new home or a bigger office or business location. Now imagine
your the master distributor for such a product in your region or state.
I'm thinking I could move a hundred units first year.  How many do you
think you could move? Contact Al Boek 530-255-8345


Earl Allen Boek, Dinar Dawg, Karat Dawg, Kraut Dawg said...


Earl Allen Boek, Dinar Dawg, Karat Dawg, Kraut Dawg said...


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Wind mills have evolved from being used only for grinding grain and water pumping purposes to a renewable and reliable source of electricity used in various applications such as water pumping.

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